Interior Designers in Pune

Pune is a lovely city in Maharashtra with a lot of the hustle and bustle. The living standard is very high, and everyone wants a comfortable and attractive place to live. If you're going to decorate your house in a classy way that looks stunning with matching lightings, furniture, and floor, then you can hire an interior designer service provider in your area. If you are want a reliable Interior designer in Pune, SurfIndia can help you get the most reliable interior designing service.

Interior designer services in Pune

Interior designers are professionals who plan interior decoration creatively with perfectly matching designs and transform the look of your home or other premises. There are several service providers out there, but getting a reliable one is quite a difficult task. SurfIndia is an online portal that has a listing of the most reliable interior designers in most Indian cities. You have to explore the site and conveniently hire the best service providers.

Benefits of hiring Interior designers from SurfIndia-

1. Certified designers-The interior designers listed on the site of SurfIndia are genuine and trustable. They are government verified and working in this field with a lot of experience. Hence you can depend on their work.

2. Quality of the service-The catalog on the site is made with extensive research of the reviews and ratings of the previous customers. So they are genuine service providers and work as per your expectations.

3. Pocket-friendly charges-The interior designers listed offer the services at an affordable price range. So that you can get a hassle-free service experience with economical costs.

4. Customer support and Feedback-SurfIndia believes in providing customer-friendly services. You will get customer care support whenever you need it and give us feedback to improve the quality of the service.

Services delivered by the Interior designers-

Here are the lists of the services offered by the Interior designers-

1. Wallpapers and paintings-The design on the walls can completely change the look of your room. It also changes the lighting of the room. If you want a classy look for your rooms, you can go for trendy colors with an attractive combination that goes with your room style. Interior designers will suggest you the right combinations that will look stunning.

2. Modest wardrobe-The designer will make sure that the design of the closet is perfectly going with the design of your room, and it is spacious and cozy.

3. Lightings-If your lighting is good, the whole room gets an attractive look. Lighting that can be used for decorating the room includes elaborate chandeliers, beautiful lamps, and task lighting. Only experienced veterans can help you get the most sophisticated lighting for your space.

4. Furniture-The furniture set needs to be chosen very carefully to complement the look of the area. A perfect furniture set will give an elegant aesthetic look to the whole room.

5. Décorative accessories-Accessories like curtains, cushions, showpieces should go with the overall look of the room. It enhances the finishing look of the room.

6. Modular kitchen- When you are renovating the home, the kitchen needs special attention. It should be spacious and elegant that makes cooking a dream. Exciting designs are available for the kitchen with fascinating wardrobes and a cooking area.

Interior designer charges in Pune

Here is a piece of information to help you out get the approximate interior designing charges in Pune-

1 BHK (Rs.) 2 BHK (Rs.) 3/4 BHK (Rs.) Office (Rs.)
On the basis of per Sqft
20 - 30
40 - 50
70 - 120
60 - 100
Percentage of cost
6% - 12%
8% - 15%
12% - 16%
6% - 14%
Lump Sum amount
10,000 - 40,0000
40,000 - 60,000
70,000 - 1,40,000
60,000 - 1,60,000

Frequently Asked Question

You can go through the site of SurfIndia and hire the most desirable interior designer in Pune with ease.

You should keep in mind the following things before hiring an interior designer-

a)Decide your budget

b)Research the approximate charges

c)Decide the design or style you want

d)Check in the reliable sites

e)Ask your family and friends for reference

f)You can check SurfIndia to get the best service provider

The responsibility of the interior designer is sketching the design as per the customer requirements, finding creative ways and plans to make the room look aesthetic, selecting the match lighting, floor, wallpaper, decorative items to beautify the look of the room.

You can try designing your room on your own, but the results may not be satisfactory as the job requires specialization and training.

Yes, the interior designers listed on the site are reliable as they are certified by the government. They are listed after extensive research.

Interior Designer Services Near Pune

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