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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Organizations need to reduce both internal and external risks. They also require to safeguard their business against unforeseen circumstances/events. Insurance companies are catering to small, medium and large scale companies to minimize their risk. Good Insurance advice can save you time, money and worry. Leading insurance companies are coming out with 'Commercial Insurance Questionnaire' to ascertain the insurance needs of your commercial. Insurance companies undertake complex procedure to evaluate and review the impact of any change in commercial activity or new ventures.

Types Of Commercial Insurance Available:

Calculation of Commercial Insurance Amount/Premium:

Insurance companies keep quite a few factors in mind while calculating the premium amount to be paid by the client. Nature of business, size of the organization, number of employees, the type of industry, the organization is a part of, annual turnover of business etc. The premium is paid on a monthly/quarterly/half yearly/ yearly basis, as the case may be. Companies also provide with instant commercial insurance quotes for the ease of their customers.

Commercial Insurance Claim Procedure:

The insurer needs to submit all the original documents of the commercial in the case of any financial or non financial loss. The surveyor calculates the approximate value of the loss so incurred. Based on the report submitted by the surveyor, insurance companies pay the amount of loss incurred. The claims are generally cleared within 7-21 days.

Documents Required for Commercial Insurance Claim:

  • - Claim Form
  • - List of things or items lost or damaged
  • - Proof of ownership of business

List of Some of Insurance Companies Offering Commercial/ Business Insurance:

ICICI Lombard - Business Products
United India Insurance Co. - Business Policies
The New India Assurance Co. - Commercial Products

*Terms and conditions may vary in different insurance companies