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Personal Accident Insurance

Few people have taken cover to protect themselves against the risk of personal accidents and the medical complications they entail. Personal accident insurance insurance is an attractive option; not only does it cost less than other insurance policies, it also covers all accidents. Personal accident policies cover you for one or more of four contingencies in the event of an accident: death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and temporary total disability.

Calculation of Personal Accident Insurance Amount/Premium:

The amount of premium depends on the nature of occupation of the individual.
The classification of occupation varies among different insurers. The premium is far less as compared to other policies. Premium can be paid on a weekly/monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly basis.

Personal Accident Insurance Claim Procedure:

Claims are generally settled within four weeks of completion of paperwork along with supporting medical certificates. In some cases, insurers may depute a panel of doctors to verify the insuranceholders' claims.

Documents Required for Personal Accident Insurance Claim:

  • - Claim form
  • - FIR Form
  • - Prescriptions given by the treating doctor
  • - Hospital Discharge Card
  • - Diagnosis reports like X-Ray report, etc.
  • - Disability Certificate

List of Some of Indurance Companies offering Personal Accident Insurance:

The New India Assurance Co. - Personal Plans
HSBC - MahaRaksha Personal Injury Policy
Tata AIG General Insurance - Accident Guard
*Terms and conditions may vary in different insurance companies