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NRI Accident Insurance

The insurance covers Non-Resident Indians from 3 months of age till 70 years. It is a comprehensive insurance covering accidental loss, permanent disablement due to accident, medical expenses incurred due to illness in a foreign country, education fund of dependent children etc.

Calculation of NRI Accident Insurance Amount/Premium:

The amount of premium depends on a number of factors. Premium is paid on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly basis.

NRI Accident Insurance Claim Procedure:

In the event of claim, written intimation must be given by the insured/assignee to the insurance company. The claim can also be reported on company's toll free number. Upon receipt of the intimation of claim the company deputes its surveyor or claim representative and process the claim. Copy of the claim format is annexed. The claim process can take anywhere between 7-15 days.

Documents Required for NRI Accident Insurance Claim:

  • - Claim form
  • - FIR Form
  • - Prescriptions given by the treating doctor
  • - Hospital Discharge Card
  • - Diagnosis reports like X-Ray report, etc.
  • - Disability Certificate

List of Some of Insurance Companies offering NRI Accident Insurance:
HDFC - Tricare Plan

*Terms and conditions may vary in different insurance companies