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Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is gaining popularity with the increase in the number of Accident injuries and deaths. Insurance companies accidental covers for individuals and families as well. This means you can cover your spouse and children in the same policy but by paying a higher premium. The plan can be customised to suit the needs of different clients.

Types Of Accident Insurance Available :

Calculation of Accident Insurance Amount/Premium:

The amount of premium paid depends on a number of factors. Discount on premium is provided by some companies on family insurance. Premium can be paid on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly basis. Insurance companies now offer online instant quotes to identify the amount of insurance cover an individual will need.

Accident Insurance Claim Procedure:

Customers can report a claim either on toll free numbers provided by insurance companies or directly get in touch with the claim representatives. Filling a claim form is the first step for making a claim. A company surveyor will analyse the bills of hospitals/nursing home homes and then make a report. Claim process can take anywhere between 7-21 days.

Documents Required for Accident Insurance Claim:

  • - Hospital's Report
  • - Disability certificate from doctor (If any)
  • - Laboratory reports
  • - FIR

List of Some of Insurance Companies Offering Accident Insurance:

The New India Assurance Co. -Accident Covering Policy
Tata AIG General Insurance -Accident Guard
United India Insurance Co. -Accident & Hospitalisation Policies
HSBC -MahaRaksha Personal Injury Policy

*Terms and conditions may vary in different insurance companies