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Real Estate Loans

Buying a property necessitates in depth knowledge of real estate and choosing the right kind of loans. Several banks are stepping up their exposure to real estate. These banks are entering into agreements with builders for provision of real estate loans. The Scheme mainly caters to builders / promoters / developers of real estate. According to RBI figures loans to builders, along with retail credit (like home loans, credit cards and personal loans) constitute a chunk of banks' total loan portfolio.

Maximum Amount of Real Estate Loans Offered:

Banks normally give real estate loans to builders/real estate developers of repute. Experience of 3-4 years is a must to avail the loan. The quantum of loan is decided after looking at the financial statements and cash flow statement of the applicant. The maximum amount varies subject to individual policies in different banks. Repayment is done in lump sum installment after the completion of project/ selling of the flats. The number of installments is restricted to 3 or 4.

Interest Charged by Banks on Real Estate Loans:

The interest rate is normally determined and charged according to the prime lending rate of the individual bank. Builders can either opt for a fixed or floating rate of interest.

Process of Real Estate Loans Approval:

Builders / real estate developers can fill the loan form either in person or online and apply for the loan. A nominal processing fee is charged by banks.

Documents Required for Approval of Real Estate Loans:

  • - Application form with photograph
  • - Educational qualification
  • - Identity and residence proof
  • - Proof of business existence with business profile and last three years income tax return
  • - Last 3 years income statement and balance sheet.
  • - Last 3 month's personal and business bank statements.
  • - Processing fee check

List of Some of Banks Providing Real Estate Loans:

  • - UCO Bank - UCO Real Estate
  • - ICICI Bank - Commercial Real Estate
  • - HDFC Bank - Real Estate Initiatives

*Terms and conditions may vary from bank to bank.