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  • All about International Women's Day

    It would have been a celebration in itself if there would not have been any need to celebrate women's day! Because then we could have a society where women could already have all the privileges that men enjoy. Nevertheless, looking at the present scenario and diving deep into everything that had happened in the past as a society it's our responsibility to call for the much needed change and bring in more coherence, equality in the long prevailing fight if you want to live in an egalitarian society. Every year's theme for women's day encourages us to fight for the much needed change in helping woman come forward and walk shoulder to shoulder with men. Women's day 2018 them: #PressforProgress

    What is Women's Day?
    The celebration of International women's day is a means of appreciating women for social, political, economical and cultural achievements in various fields. The day also calls for making people aware of the equality of women that need to be brought up in the society through organizing various events and functions.

    How people celebrate women's Day?
    Around the world the International women's day is celebrated by organizing seminars, rallies, art performances, panel discussions, events and much more. All the websites, NGOs and companies working for the betterment of women start with their women empowerment oriented programs as a means of celebrating women's day. Common people celebrate women's day by reading and watching women oriented stuff! A number of women oriented movies and programs people can watch on the television. Reading inspirations stories of women is preferred by all age of people irrespective of the age.

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    A Brief History of the International women's Day
    International women's Day came into being in 1909 February when around 15,000 women start their march on the streets of New York as a means of demanding shorter working hours, improve pa and voting rights. And, in the following decades the day was usually celebrated as a socialist movement. The United Nations in 1975, proclaimed that year of protest as the International women's Day and announced 8 March as International women's Day.

    What was the reason for setting up International women's Day?
    It began with the demand of women to get voting rights which that got to receive in 1918 in Britain but still there are countries which still do not give voting rights to their women. In Saudi Arabia granted right to women to hold public offices and to be given them employment rights as that of men. Even after such long years of the inception of the International women's day there are only one fifth of the total parliamentary seats that are held by women. Out of all 19 heads of state only 196 are possibly women which count to only 7 more women which were there 20 years back. Even today a tremendous amount of progress still needs to be made in bringing women in par of men. One of the good news is that the number of female cabinet ministers has tripled in the year between 1994 and 2014 but that still is quite low as compared to men.

    Is International Men's Day celebrated?
    In more than 60 countries International men's day is celebrate on 19th November. This is a means of encouraging men for maintaining a good health, working for developing harmonious gender relationships and providing the society with positive role models.

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