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Budget Expectations

Budget 2011-12 - The aam admi Expectations

We the common citizens of India look forward to 28th of February with great expectation as Union Budget of 2011 - 2012 will be presented . The crucial day will be a deciding factor of rest of the year . As the country is rocked with multi-crore scams and rising prices of food ,this Union budget thus is looked upon with great expectation and is a critical point to make things better for the ruling government .

The common man pays his bills and his taxes with a sole expectation that the government will take care of the nation and the common citizens but with all scams and sky touching prices its time for the government to gain the faith of people of India by presenting a solution and clean budget for the people of India .

The people expect the simplest from the government , to provide security from undesirable rise of food prices , secure environment , to see to it that children below poverty level get basic food and education after all they are as much Indians as you and me . The sudden rise on food prices and other necessary items has hit people below poverty line the most and it is the sole responsibility of the government to help them in every possible way .

Economic Survey 2011-12

The economic growth rate of India is expected to take over China by 2012 on the basis of purchasing power parity ( PPP ) was reported by the World bank . The World Bank as further added that by the year 2012 the economic growth rate of India will rise to 8.7 percent which will be ahead of China as they are expected to be at 8.4 percent however these predictions are made on the basis of PPP which is the purchasing power of the currency and that is taken into account for predicting the growth rate of the economy .

It also has been noted that when the wave of recession gave a blow to most of the developing and few developed countries that showed a flat or a negative growth pattern at that time India was growing above 6 percent . The report for the economic growth points out that the Indian Economic polices are growth oriented but it all depends on the stability of the central government . A good pro-reformist at the center will certainly be one of the major reason for the growth. Over the next decade India is expected to become less dependent on outsourcing and will incline more on manufacture and export , building a strong skill set for engineering . With the economic growth rising fast the middle class is expected to grow as a result the consumer market will grow to attract major international companies .