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Rail Budget 2011 - Updates

Mamta v/s Lalu in Rail Budget 2011

While presenting the Rail Budget 2011, the union railway minister went into a clash with former Railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav. The house was at an uproar against Kolkata prone Railway budget when Mamta pointed on Lalu saying "Lalu shouldn't speak as he has done much for his state." This mere statement of Mamta settled the house ina flicker.

Heavy Investments - New tracks

While presenting the Rail Budget 2011, union minister Mamata Banerjee announced the laying up of new track of length 1,075 km in FY12. Apart from this, that would 700 Km of dedicated track to be laid down for freight carriages. Indian railways is planning to invest 576.3 billion rupees for the financial year 2011-12.

Tax free Infra Bonds of Indian Railways

The union railways minister Mamta Banerjee announced that Indian railways will introduce its tax free Infra bonds in the current financial year by IRFC. Bonds worth Rs. 100 Billion will be introduced to raise extra funds for railways. The minister also stated that the Railways has suffered increased liabilities due to 6th pay commission arrears.

Mamta arrives in Parliament to present Rail Budget 2011

Indian railway minister Mamta Banerjee has arrived at the parliament to present Rail Budget 2011. Foreseeing the upcoming elections in West Bengal, Didi is expected to deliever a "Populist" rail budget. Former railway minister Lalu Prasad YAdav has already "condenmed" the budget calling it pro-Bengal. The live updates will start from 12 noon today.