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Rail Budget 2011 - Summary

No hike in fares, E-booking charges reduced

Mamata Banerjee has announced that there will ne no hike in passenger fares. However, an added announcement declared a reduction in E-booking charges. The booking charges have been reduced by Rs 10 for AC and Rs 5 for non AC. At last, the railway minister kept on her promise of presenting a "Common Man Budget".

New trains introduced by Mamta

Rail Budget 2011 introduced a fleet of new trains on many routes of Indian railways. 9 new Duronto trains, 3 Shatabdi's and 56 super Fast trains are set to run on tracks. Following is the summary of new trains introduced :

  • - 9 Duronto Trains : Allahabad-Mumbai, Madurai-Chennai, Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram, Pune-Ahmedabad, Sealdah-Puri, and Mumbai Central-New Delhi routes (Non AC), Allahabad-Mumbai, Sealdah-Puri, Mumbai Central-New Delhi, Ahmedabad-Rohtak (AC).
  • - 3 Shatabdi Trains : Pune-Secunderabad, Jaipur-Agra and Ludhiana-Delhi.
  • - 56 Express Trains
  • - 2 AC Double Decker Trains : Jaipur-Delhi and Ahmedabad-Mumbai routes.
  • - Special trains on Vivekanad and Tagore anniversaries.

Super AC class in Indian Railways

Presenting the Rail Budget 2011, Mamta Banerjee took a goant step forward in attracting passengers from higher traits of the society. The union railways minister announced a new Super AC class in Indian railways, catering to the needs of corporate travelers. The e-booking charges for AC have also been reduced by Rs.10.

New Smart Card for long distance travel

While presenting the Rail Budget 2011, Mamta introduced a new concept of Smart Card - "Go India" for long distance travel by Indian railways. The all new concept is expected to benefit passengers traveling long distance by cutting down their time and cost of buying multiple tickets.

Special care for Railway employees

Presenting the Rail Budget 2011-12, Mamta Banerjee announced special ounces for railway employees. The entire railway cadre will be restuctured to ensure the promotion of employees. Also, the scholarship schemes for children of railway employees has been raised to Rs 1200. Banerjee also announced to induct 16000 ex-servicemen from March 2011.