10 Questions to Ask Before Booking Banquet Halls for Your Events

Questions to Ask Before Booking Banquet Halls for Your Events

Planning a wedding, birthday celebration, or any other event can be very exciting but stressful, especially for those inexperienced in organizing events. Have no stress as we have come up with a list of right questions which you can ask the event hall managers before renting venue to host the event. Renting the best banquet halls in Bangalore or India will make things easier for you. If you host an event party at your home, things may get messy, and you will have to decorate your home and prepare food by yourself, which can be so tiring. But, renting a banquet comes with lot of benefits, such as in-house catering services, spacious rooms, excellent decoration, and more. And to find such exceptional and best-renting halls, here are the top questions to ask before renting a venue:


1. How many people can the event hall hold?

First, it is best to list all the guests attending your special event. Having an idea of the total number of guests will help you know how much space is needed for hosting the event. If there are only 10 to 20 people, you do not require a huge hall,but if you are hosting a lavish wedding or birthday party with more than 50 people, this calls for a bigger-sized banquet hall. So, ask the venue how many people their event space can hold.


2. What dates are available for renting halls?

Once you know the number of guests for your event, you must ask the venue about the dates on which you can rent an event hall. Instead of a specific date, you can be open to several dates’ to get higher chances of the venue you are looking for. Also, keep in mind that banquet halls’ renting prices are higher on weekends, so choose your event date accordingly.

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3. What is the cost of the venue?

Before finalizing the venue for your birthday, wedding, or event for any celebration, make sure to ask about the total cost of renting the venue along with other services. Ask the venue staff about all services included in the package and if there are any extra charges or hidden fees. If you have a couple of venues on your mind, you can pick the best one based on the costs and other services included with the rent charges.


4. Do you have a good parking spot for our guests?

Another critical question to ask the venue is whether they have sufficient parking space for your guests or if there is a restriction on parking. Some venues do or do not provide parking options, so if your venue offers a parking space, then remember to ask if they charge for it. If there is no parking space, then ask the venue for nearby places where guests can park their vehicles.


5. What are the working hours of the venue?

Every event requires a lot of time for planning and decoration. You must ensure that you have enough time in your hands to decorate and organize the event venue and also have plenty of time left to clean everything up after the event has ended. Many banquet halls charge you per hour if you go over your allotted time slot for renting a hall.


6. Are there other rooms for rent at the venue?

Most people book a separate room for the bride or the groom to get ready during weddings. So if you are going to book a venue especially for a wedding, ask the managers if you can book more rooms along with the event hall and what the charges are.


7. Does the venue provide in-house catering, or can I bring my caterers?

The best banquet halls in India offer in-house catering services or have a preferred list of caterers. So, if you have no issues with the in-house or recommended caterers, you can choose these. If you have any specific catering team in mind, then ask the venue manager if you can hire your caterers. It is best to let them know about this beforehand.

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8. Does the venue have any vendors to recommend?

Most event hall managers have a list of vendors for flowers, linens, chairs, and other decorations. So instead of looking for vendors for the same on your own, you can ask the manager for suggestions. The staff of the event hall will be familiar with working with their list of suggested vendors. Hence there will be no miscommunications.


9. Does the venue staff help with hall setup?

Another essential question you must ask before renting a banquet hall is if the staff will help with the venue’s decorations, organization, and setup. This way, you will have some time on your hands to make arrangements for other things.


10. What are the payment methods and cancellation policy?

It is best to ask about the modes of payment accepted by the venue and if you will have to pay a deposit in advance. Ensure to clear all queries related to payment with the venue manager. Another important thing to ask before renting event halls is the cancellation policy. There could be some last-minute circumstances due to which you may have to cancel or postpone the event you were going to host, so ask about refunds or cancellation fee.

Planning is an important step to having a stress-free and successful event. And the first thing in planning is choosing the right venue for your wedding, birthday party, or any other event. Make sure also to read some reviews and ratings of the event halls online. We hope that the above questions to ask before renting a banquet hall helps you find the best 4 star banquet halls in your desired location.


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