The Best Vastu Guide for Home Office Set Up

Today many offices and schools have been shut down, and these are instead being conducted online or work from home mode. Some people may have been working from home even before the pandemic. One important thing during work from home is having a good space or room dedicated to your work. Having a separate space will ensure that you stay productive even when working in the house. But, there are times when people can feel a bit dull or unproductive when working from home. Every day doing the same work from the same spot can be very tiresome and give you a feeling of lethargy. So, you can organize your workspace the Vastu way to not only increase your productivity but also bring in lots of positivity in your working space. These Vastu tips will also bring you good luck in your profession.


What is Vastu Shastra?

What is Vastu Shastra

In ancient Indian Ancient Science, Vastu is known as the Science of Architecture. It was developed many years ago by Indian saints. People today follow Vastu while buying or constructing properties as it can bring wealth, prosperity, good luck and remove negative energies. They also hire home, living room, study room, or office interior designers to have a professional decorate their rooms the Vastu way.


Vastu Shastra Guide for Work from Home Space

Vastu Shastra Guide for Work from Home Space

If you have decided to decorate your workspace according to Vastu, then you have stopped at the right place. So, we have made a guide on how to decorate the workspace at home using Vastu. These tips will ensure to increase your productivity during work and also bring good luck in your profession.


Direction of the workspace

Direction of the workspace

The first and foremost thing when setting up a home office, according to Vastu, is selecting the right direction in which you will be working. So, the best direction is south, southwest, or west zones in your house for workspace. These zones are most suitable for increasing productivity during work. The northeast and northwest directions should be avoided as it is not a suitable zone for your work. You can also choose the ideal direction based on your profession. Here is a little guide for that:

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  1. North Direction – If you are in the finance sector, working in insurance, stock, broker, banking, or own a business, then the north direction will be most befitting for you.

  2. South Direction – This direction is most befitting for people working as lawyers, police officers, salesmen, builders, and manufacturers. People known to be working in this direction have the power of convincing.

  3. East Direction – It is ideal for those who are working in the government, administration, marketing, or doing social work.

  4. West Direction – Lastly, the west zone is best for those who are a part of the IT industry, such as computer engineers, software developers, etc.

Workspace Desk

Workspace Desk

Some people who work from home prefer to work on their beds. If you are one of them, then this is not very good for your productivity as well as your body posture. So, you should definitely have a desk at your work-station at home. The most suitable zone for placing a desk there is at west or south. According to Vastu, the desk should be made of wood which helps bring positive energy to your workspace, giving you a fresh mood during your work. Avoid having metal or plastic desks as they cause negative energies around the atmosphere. This can make you lethargic during your work.


Clutter-Free Room

Clutter Free Room

Vastu says that it is essential to keep your surroundings clean as otherwise, you can attract unwanted energies. Similar should be done for your office space at home. You should not put broken pens/pencils, tore off pages, and other things on your desk or anywhere in your workspace. There should also be clutter blocking the path between you and the door of your home office. Having a clean path is said to create lots of opportunities in your work.


Colors for Home Office

Colors for Home Office

Light, vibrant colors are the most suitable shades for a home office set-up. Soft colors like cream will increase dedication and respect towards your work. Shades of green will keep a balance between mind and soul, attracting positive vibrations all over the room. If you want to increase positivity through Vastu, then you can opt for gold shades around your office. Another wonderful option is yellow, which will ensure that you are in good health during work. It is essential to avoid dark colors such as black and dark blue.


Doors and Windows for Office Space

Doors and Windows for Office Space

Doors and windows of your workspace are important as they will allow light and air into the room. When following Vastu Shastra, you should also keep the placement of these in mind. Ideal directions for a door can be in the center of any walls of any direction. For the windows, the ideal zone of direction is north and east.

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Do’s and Don’ts: Vastu for Home Office

Whether you are decorating an office for your home on your own or hiring an interior designer in Delhi, Pune, Nagpur, or any other place you live, you should ensure that following do’s and don’ts for Vastu should be kept in mind.

  1. Northeast and northwest room should be avoided for office space set up at home.

  2. Lamps in the home office can be placed in the southeast direction.

  3. Avoid working in bed as it can cause irregular sleep patterns at night.

  4. Avoid working facing doors and windows.

  5. Important documents should be placed in drawers in the southwest or west direction.

  6. Keeping a small globe on your work desk can attract international work opportunities.

  7. Avoid black when setting up a home office as it can attract negative energies around the room.

  8. You can place a money plant in the east or north zones of your home office workspace to

  9. attract the flow of cash.

  10. For good luck, plants can also be placed in the northeast direction of your balcony.

Frequently Asked Questions: Vastu For Home Office

1. What direction should you face when working?

North and east are the ideal directions to face when working in your home office.

2. How to place a desk in a home office?

The desk should be placed where there is enough light. Avoid placing it around the window as it can be distracting during work.

3. How can I improve my home office?

The very first to do is to keep your home office clean all the time. You can also follow Vastu tips to improve your office.

4. How can I keep my home office happy looking?

You can paint the walls with vibrant colors such as yellow, light green, or cream, keep your desk clean, and keep a plant for greenery.

5. What is the ideal place for a bathroom in a home office as per Vastu?

An ideal place for a bathroom/toilet is southeast or northwest.

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