10 Vastu Tips for Office to Attract Positivity

10 vastu tips for office to attract positivity

Vastu has been in our culture for many past years. Many people believe in it and think that the following. Vastu tips, they notice a visible change in their overall environment. Vastu balances the 5 elements: water, air, earth, fire, and space. It is the formal belief that balancing these elements around you will attract more positivity and prosperity in your surrounding. Well, if you are about to set up a new business and want some Vastu tips before that, we are here to provide you with the 10 Vastu tips for the office to attract positive vibes and energies in your workplace.


1. Office Setup Plot

If you are about to buy a new plot for your office, try buying a Sher Mukhi plot. It is in the northern direction, broad in front and narrow at the back. The plot signifies a lion shape. It will be beneficial for your office setups.


2. Location for Office Setup

The office should be set up around busy roads. Try to avoid lonely places. It is also a plus point about logic. If you set up your office in a lonely place, very few people might notice it, and it will not be beneficial. On the other hand, a busy road will attract the visions towards your office, and people will learn about your setup.


3. Direction for Office Setup

Setting up the office in north, north-east, and northwest directions is advisable. The east direction will suit you best if you have an industrial office. While in the other profit-making organizations, the north direction is the best. This Vastu tip for office will give prosperity and wealth.


4. Entrance

It will be great if the office’s main entrance faces north or east without any blockage. Most importantly, if there is anything in front of your office entrance, it is advisable to remove it as it will not allow any positivity to come in and block the way of wealth.

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5. Direction for Reception

Reception of the office plays an important role. It deals with clients, visitors, and employees. So locating the reception in the northeast and east directions is essential. Moreover, you can hang the name board of the office on the south wall. Also, place the reception desk diagonal to the entrance. This office vastu tips will make a huge change in the environment.


6. Staircase Position

It is best to avoid the construction of a staircase in the center of the office as it will block prosperity and result in financial loss. Instead, you can construct them in the south or southwest direction. Also, avoid coloring it red or black. You can use neutral and light shade colors.


7. Rooms Positioning in Office According to Vastu


Owner’s Room

It is best to place the owner’s room in the southwest direction and the north while working. It will increase the ability of ideas and decision-making for the office.


Conference Room

Conference rooms are important in every office. Construct the conference room in the northwest direction to avoid any conflict between the workers.


Waiting Room

The waiting room should be made in the northwest or northeast direction.


Pooja Room

Construct the Pooja room in the East direction as it is the ideal direction for worship. Apart from this, office vastu, Ganesha Idol, and Laxmi Idol are the best place in the Pooja room with fresh flowers and a glass of fresh water as they will attract positivity in the home.


Cash Safe

Cash safes should always place in the southwest direction as it will increase the financial stability in the office.


8. Sitting Positions for Office Employees



Employees should face north or east direction as it will increase the effectiveness and efficiency in the work.

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Managerial Level

The managers and executive department’s employees should face the southwest, south, or west directions per vastu for office. It will increase the decision-making ability and attract more financial stability in the office.


Administrative and HR Department

The HR department can be seated in the southeast or northeast direction of the office.


Technical Department

The southeast direction is the most suitable for the technical department to evoke power and passion.


Accounts Department

The accounts department should be located in the north or east direction. These directions are ideal for cash transactions and also increase the stability and inflow of Cash in the office as per office vastu tips for finance.


9. Wall Colours

wall colours for office


The wall colors in the office should be light and pleasant as they will attract more positivity to the office. Whereas the dark color scheme pallet might increase the negativity in the surrounding. Depending on the office Vastu color schemes, any color like blue, white, pink, green, and pastel shades are preferable.


10. Plants

plant for office



Plants are the best way to increase and attract positivity in the workplace. You can choose any plants or specific plants recognized for bringing happiness, like jade plants, snake plants, areca palms, money plants, bamboo plants, etc. You can use it in both interior and exterior decoration.


So above are some Vastu tips for offices that will increase the cash inflow. Apart from this, if you plan to relocate your office, then at, you will get plenty of options for packers and movers who provide you with the best services. The moving companies are experts and license holders. Moreover, they know how to give you the best shifting experience without the hassle. Moreover, they are very affordable and pocket friendly. You will love their moving services.

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