10 Mysterious Places in India Which Will Make you Amaze

India is the home of mysteries. There are uncountable unusual things that happened in India, and no one can answer why they happened. Different people have different beliefs about these mysteries. But science always gives logic to every magic. Well, whether you believe in magic or logic, you will surely be shocked after learning about these unusual destinations in India that exist here. If you are a traveler or blogger, this blog will be very helpful since we will give you information about such amazing places that will make your Instagram or youtube channel trending. Apart from this, if you are not any of these, don’t worry; boost your knowledge by knowing about the strangest places in India. So let’s start.


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So get back to the topic, and here is the list of such unusual places in India.


1. Red Rain, Idukki, Kerala

red rain idukki kerala


Idukki is also known as the Red Region. It is famous for its rich natural splendor, forest reserves, and mysterious places in India.


What is the mystery?

The red rain was first well in Idukki on 25th July 2001. it occurs for 2 months sporadically. The rain leaves stains on the clothes, buildings, and things as it pours. The blood-red color turns into clean water after the residents collect it, and the red substances settle at the bottom.


What is the Logic

After so much debate and searches, scientists conclude that the red particles are airborne spores of the locally grown algae.


2. Magnetic Hills, Leh Ladakh

magnetic hills leh ladakh

The magnetic hill is the place where gravitation forces do not work. This place is located at 11000 above sea level and is categorized as the strangest place in India.


What is the Mystery?

The mystery behind the Magnetic hills is that no gravitational forces are applied to the vehicles. Cars that drive on the hills get pulled upward automatically. That means you can drive by turning the ignition of your car off.


What is the Logic

Scientists claim that it happens because of the gravitational pull of hills, and there is no magic related to this.

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3. Door-Less Houses, Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra

door less houses shani shingnapur maharashtra


The place is famous for its Shani Temple, 35km from Ahmednagar. The place is also famous for its religious reasons making it one of the most mysterious villages in India.


What is the Mystery?

Schools, commercial buildings, and houses do not have doors here. And interestingly, not a single crime has been reported there. People strongly believe that Shani will protect them and not let any crime happen.


4. Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan

karni mata temple rajasthan

Karni Mata Temple is one of the known holy sanctums in India, but with that, it is also an unusual place in India. The temple is the home of more than 20000 rats, and no one is allowed to kill them or even make them scared.


What is the Mystery?

The rats are considered highly auspicious there. The visitor’s work shipped the rats and brought food for them.


What is the Logic

The rats are believed to be the relatives and family members of Karni Mata. White mice at the place are considered to be her offspring.


5. Twin Town, Kodinhi, Kerala

twin town kodinhi kerala


Kodinhi, also known as the Twin Town, holds its prominent place in the mysterious towns of India. This is the only significant factor of this village; otherwise, it is ordinary as others.


What is the Mystery

When you enter the village, you will notice a twin of every second person. It is currently the home of 200 twins and two sets of triplets. Well, it’s not that. The native women of this village also end up with triplets or twins who are married outside of the village.


What is the Logic

Scientists and doctors say this is also happening because of the chemicals in the water in this place.


6. Hanging Pillar, Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

hanging pillar lepakshi andhra pradesh


Lepakshi is known for its architecture and paintings. The temple is devoted to lord Shiva, holding a special place for its floating pillar.


What is the Mystery

One pillar is standing in the air among 70 pillars. There is no ground support for this pillar. People pass their objects below the pillar, giving them happiness and prosperity per their beliefs.


What is the Logic

People believe this temple is another trick and art of old architecture through which the pillar stands without any support.


7. Flame of Jawala Ji Temple, Kangra

flame of jawala Ji temple kangra


Jawala ji temple is located in the district of Kangra, Himalaya. This temple is different from the other shrines of Jawala ji, making it a mysterious place in India.


What is the Mystery

The mystery in the temple is its immortal flame which has been burning for the past 100 years without any oil or other kind of support. It is believed that King Akbar once tried to cool down the flame by letting a river flow from above the flame, but it did not work, and then he had to surrender to Goddess Jawala.

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What is the Logic

Scientists believe the flame is burning off a supply of natural gases like methane under its surface.


8. Floating Stones of Rameshwaram Temple, Tamil Nadu

floating stones of rameshwaram temple tamil nadu


The place is quite famous as the Temple of Lord Ram. It holds immense importance in Hindu Mythology. As per belief, Lord Ram built a ram setu bridge with floating rocks with his Vanara Sena. It is a famous tourist attraction place, making it one of the most mysterious places in India.


What is the Mystery

According to the Ramayana, floating rocks helped form a bridge, and the rocks held the name of Lord Ram. It is not a story; there is proof in the Rameshwaram temple. The rocks are floating on the water instead of get sink.


9. The Visa God of Chilkur, Hyderabad

the visa god of chilkur hyderabad


If you have trouble getting your foreign visas, go to the visa god of Chilkur, and you will get one.


What is the Mystery

Whether poor or affluent, every person is spotted here for begging visas. But that is not the queer part. The exciting thing is that they will get the visa very soon. This thing makes the temple quite a mysterious place in India.


10. Place of Suicidal Birds in Jatinga, Assam

place of suicidal birds in jatinga assam


The quaint and picturesque village of Assam faces a mysterious tragedy every monsoon. This rare case makes this village the most mysterious place in India.


What is the Mystery

During the dark and foggy monsoon nights, migratory birds fly over the village and dive headlong into trees, buildings, and poles. Jatinga is the most mysterious place to visit, which turns into the land of massive bird suicides every year during monsoons.


So the above are some mysterious places in India that you should visit. Hope that you will find it helpful. So apart from this, if you are finding a place in the above places or anywhere in India, then Surfindia will help you. You can find the best luxury hotels and resorts through this site. Moreover, check out our latest blogs for more great information like this.


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