South Facing House Vastu Tips and Rules – A way to break all the Myths

South Facing House Vastu Tips

Over an amount of time, South facing houses have earned a horrible reputation, and many believed that South facing houses create a bad omen and  demand of such houses are always down. But I must completely deny this thesis. People have made a huge misconception and  In fact, as per Vastu Shastra, a South facing house can be a very auspicious one-if and only if it follows certain and specific Vastu principles. Kindly explore these points and clear all your myths regarding a South facing house.

South facing House-What Vastu Shastri says About it.

South Facing House

You must know that Vastu Shastra and Shastri have always claimed that all the directions are equally auspicious, be it North, East, West, or South. With South Facing houses, one thing that can make it auspicious is the entrance or main gate of the house. So, I can say that if a home is as per the rules and guidelines of Vastu Shastra, then it’s bound to be a promising one. And you will get to know that most of the wealthy and successful people living in south-facing houses. Here are some important tips and rules you should follow before buying any South facing home.

5 Vastu Rules to be followed

5 Vastu Rules To Be Followed

Location of the main door as per Vastu shastra

Location plays the most important in a South facing house, and it can either make or break your life. And that is the reason why all Vastu Shastri discard any home that has a South facing the main door. But it is a myth, and South facing house also brings enormous prosperity, wealth, and riches to the inhabitants. But make sure that the provided entrance is placed correctly.

Placement of underground water system

There is a normal tendency to place the underground water resources or bore well before the house. This is beneficial for the North facing house but a disaster for South facing home. So before buying any South facing home, make sure that there is no tank or bore well in front of the house.

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Roads facing a south-oriented house

If you follow the Vastu tips and rules, you should altogether deny buying a South facing house when there is a road crossing or a T-point towards the southwest of the plot.

Height and width of the walls

The height and width of the boundary also need special care. The height of the Southern walls should be greater than the Walls in North and the East. In the same way, the South’s borders should be thicker compared to the ones in the Northside. The thick walls will absorb heat in the afternoon, and high walls will protect the house from direct sunlight.

Shapes of the South facing plot

As per Vastu’s tips and orientation, the slope of the house should always be towards the North, East, North-East of the plot. You should ensure that the plot is higher on the Southside and lower towards east and North.

6 South facing Vastu tips -you need to Avoid

1. Avoid the main door in any pada from 5th to 9th.
2. Avoid having anything related to water like bore-well, tank, etc.
3. Avoid a plot that slopes from North to South.
4. Avoid a cut or extension in the South.
5. Avoid keeping more open space in the South than Northside.
6. Strictly avoid making a kitchen in the southwest corner.

6 South Facing House Vastu- you Need to Do

1. Make sure to have the entrance or main door on the 4th pada or step.
2. If space, after utilizing the 4th step, seems minor, you can use 3rd, 2nd, and 1st.
3. Make sure the walls in South and West thicker and higher than North and East.
4. Make sure that the kitchen is in the South-East or North-West corner.
5. Make the bedroom in the Southwest corner.
6. You can have a staircase in the South direction.

Pros of a South facing house as per the Science

Pros Of a South Facing House

Staying in a South facing house comes with its perks. It can make a massive difference in terms of ease, comfort, and a healthier lifestyle. I am presenting some of the pros of living in a South facing apartment house.

Natural Vegetation:

Staying in a south-facing home can be a pocket-friendly option since it enables you to save on electricity bills. The doors and windows facing to the South increase the air circulation inside the house.

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Less Power consumption:

A South facing house generally has better exposure to the sunlight and sets a warmer tone for your rooms. And due to more natural sunlight, a sufficient amount of the sun inside the houses calls less electricity consumption.

Best for home gardening:

If you are a hardcore nature lover and willing to plant a nursery at your home, a south-facing house is ideal for this. Tending to the plants and spending more time with nature can boost your sense and create a healthy environment full of fresh air and oxygen.

Cons of South facing house as per the Science

Cons Of South Facing House


A south-facing house can be a little bit costly for you. Massive demand for such dwellings sets a high price as compared to other orientations. And this might come in the way of individuals with budget limitations or those who are planning to buy a new apartment for the very first time.

Excess Heat:

The heat level might even cost you in other aspects, especially during summer. An excessive amount of heat must be avoided, as it can make the situation worst. So, a south-facing house can be a boon or curse for one. Be selective while buying any south-facing home.

Ending Thought

As it is trendy in the Hindu mythology that a South direction is home of Lord Yamraj. So, if anyone is buying South -facing house, it will lose enormous property and create debts. And, that is why most Vastu Shastri suggests not buying any South-facing home. But, this is all rubbish and myths. I have tried my best to break all the myths and presented the best and valuable points regarding a south-facing house. Check out the facts and clear all your Vastu-related doubts for a South-facing home. SurfIndia is a directory portal that has listed many hotels and resorts,  and the listed service provider offers south facingvenue.I am sure that all of you will like the blog and appreciate my work.

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