Vastu tips -A Guide to attract Happiness, Prosperity & Peace to your home.

Vastu Tips

Vastu Shastra is not just a major belief in hinduism, and it plays a significant role before building your home. Vastu Shastra is a primitive form of science that helps to bring harmony to your home. As per Vastu, objects, walls, rooms, etc., of the house need to be placed in an excat order to bring the flow of positive energy. Vastu considers the layout, design, measurements, and geometrical coordinates to create an aura of harmony and peace in your home. The same is true when one moves from one house to another. All we need is a Vastu expert and few slight alignments of the items to give your home a “Vastu-essence.” Here I am presenting some important and valuable Vastu tips that you might feel beneficial and worthy. Kindly explore all these Vastu tips as per the type of room mentioned below:

Vastu tips for Bedroom

Vastu Tips For Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the essential sections of the home, and we need a dose of good sleep. And sleeping in the wrong direction might create problems and even lead to illness. Sometimes you will feel headaches, body pain, fatigue, etc. Follow these simple tips:

  1. Keep the bed, mainly in the bedroom, towards the South or west direction. So that your legs face towards North or East.
  2. Mirrors must never face the bed, and they should be placed on the North or West wall.
  3. Choose the colors that indicate warmth, peace, stability, such as red/pink, orange, and brown.
  4. Fill the space, cabinets, storage with the meaningful and necessary items to keep your bedroom prosperous.

Vastu tips for kitchen

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

The primary elements are the color scheme and the direction:

  1. South-East direction of the kitchen is ideal, and bright color combination help activates the most potent fire elements.
  2. The food gives us energy, so it must be cooked in the right direction and ideal environment. The cook must face East direction.
  3. Place the gas cylinder, stove in South-East Direction, washbasin/sink in the North-East, and Jars in South or West direction.
  4. Never throw extra food as it is said that Goddess Annapurna takes off her blessings hand.

Vastu tips for bathroom

Vastu Tips For Bathroom

Washrooms and toilets are the primary sources of negative energy, so they stay focused before constructing and designing them. Follow some tips to keep from infection and disease:

  1. Toilets and bathrooms should face the North-west direction of the home.
  2. Never share the wall of the kitchen and Pooja room with the hall of Toilet or bathroom.
  3. As toilets are used to excrete, they must be constructed in any position in the West direction.
  4. Use North or East direction for mirrors.
  5. Use Pink, Grey, and Light blue colors in toilets/bathrooms.
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Vastu for PoojaRoom

Vastu For Pooja Room

The Pooja room should be placed in the North, East, North-East direction. Some say that idols should be kept in the Pooja room. Then what can be done now? Here are some pro-tips, kindly follow:

  1. First of all, never keep broken idols in the worship room.
  2. Pooja Ghar should be built in the basement.
  3. Use the worship room only for worshiping God. Avoid doing other kinds of stuff.
  4. Use white, blue, yellow to make the space more relaxing and soothing.

Do’s and Don’ts for Necessary Remedies to bring peace in Home

Dos and Donts For Necessary Remedies


There are many essential remedies to bring peace to the home. Let’s explore all these important aspects that need to be taken care of along with their remedies:

  1. If you have an empty hall at the entrance of your house, it is advised to place an idol or photo of Lord Ganesha on the wall. It can help in gaining much-needed peace for the occupier.
  2. To remove negative aura in the house, then placing a bowl of water, a small fountain in the North-East direction.
  3. It will negate the adverse impact of evil eyes.
  4. It is recommended to grow small green plants in the East order of the house.
  5. Always keep your home clean and tidy.
  6. To create positive energy in the place, keeping a Sandalwood statue is favorable.
  7. Head of the family must sleep in the South-West bedroom. It helps in maintaining a hold of the family.
  8. Always keep your valuable documents, jewelry, cash, and other essential items on the Northside. It will help bring wealth and prosperity.
  9. Number of windows and doors in the house should be in even times.
  10. You can use the North-East corner to meditate and acquire a more calm and peaceful nature.
  11. Try to place a frame of a family photo in the South-West direction to enhance family relations.
  12. Ensure that the male partner sleeps on the right side and the female partner on the left.
  13. For best education, establish the study room in the East direction.
  14. Grow sacred Tulsi plants to spread love, peace, and harmony in life.


To bring peace and harmony, you must avoid some points. Check out all the facts:

  1. Do not hang the photo frame of your ancestors with the almighty.
  2. Place the picture frame of your ancestors that should be hung on a wall in the South direction.
  3. Do not use any broken mirrors in the home.
  4. Do not place the mirror on the alternate side of the bed as this can create problems in life.
  5. Never construct a staircase near the main gate, as it is said to be inauspicious.
  6. Avoid building anything in the Brahmasthan(God’s Place_ to flow positive cosmic energy.

To remove Negative Energy from home, practice Feng Shui Tips.

If you are experiencing negative energy in your home, then removing negative omen by practicing Chinese Feng Shui can be effective.

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Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl

  1. Keeping a singing bowl can be a good omen.
  2. It makes the energy present in the home joyous and sacred. The singing bowl brings good energy to the home and remains calm.

How to identify Singing bowl:

  1. It is a particular type of bowl made up of 7 metals, like gold, copper, silver, tin, iron, lead, and zinc.
    And the metal represents the Sun, Moon, and other planets.

How to use

  1. Keep the bowl on the cushion so that sound resonates for a long time. Then start the sound from the small hammer mangri to produce sound. Do this regularly to produce energy in the home.

Foo Dogs

Foo Dogs

  1. Foo Dogs are a primitive Feng Shui statue use to keep the negative energy out of the house.

Identification of Foo Dogs:

  1. Foo Dogs like a dragon, Laughing Buddha, Phoenix are typical primitive Feng Shui frames. Foo Dogs are a couple, having a male and female icon, half-lion and half-dragon.

Specialty of Foo Dogs:

  1. Foo Dogs are called house protectors.
  2. They do not allow negative omen to enter the house and protects from bad omen and worst sight.
  3. They are representations of Yin and Yang energy, in which Yin energy comes from male Foo Dog and Yang energy from female Foo Dog.

Where to place Foo Dogs:

  1. Keep the dogs out of the house’s main entrance so that everyone who enters the house sees Foo Dogs.
  2. The back portion of the Foo Dogs should be inside the home.
  3. Keep the Foo Dogs above floor level.

5 Essential Vastu Tips for a good health and spicy Married life

Vastu Tips For a Good Health

Vastu plays an essential role in a healthy and spicy married life. Arrange your bedroom according to Vastu, and this will improve your health and relationship with your life partner.Kindly follow the tips below:

  1. Make sure your bed is made up of wood. Avoid the metal bed.
  2. Keeping your head in the North direction has terrible effects on the body due to the solid magnetic waves of the Himalayas.
  3. Keep your head towards the South. It will enhance your enjoyment of married life.
  4. Keeping the leader in the east will lead to everyday married life.
  5. Mirror should not be placed before the bed.
  6. Never place the temple in the bedroom.

Final word

If you have made a plan to construct your home, kindly follow the above tips and essential points. Vastu plays a significant role, and following the Vastu rules can help you lead a successful and prosperous life. I hope I have presented you with all the valuable bullet points to bring peace, wealth, and harmony to your life.SurfIndia is a portal that has enlisted many hotels and resorts, visit the website and explore all of them. Get away from the tension and have a fantastic experience.


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