11 Best Beaches in India- A-List of Paradise on the Earth

11 Best Beaches In India

The ocean surrounds India, and the state has some spectacular beaches that offer dazzling views and exciting night parties. The top beaches in the country can be found on the west coast, with Goa being the most visited place. Also, last year, in October, many Indian beaches were awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Denmark. India is fortunate to have a coastline that has some of the best beaches across the world.
There are more than 230 beaches in India, but I have come up with the top 15 beaches. Just tap on them and get ready for the destination of your next holiday, check out the best beaches in India, and experience Heaven on Earth.

Baga beach, Goa

Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach is one the most visited destination in India, and it is located in a seaside town in Bardez, Goa, India. The beach is trendy for its Baga Creek. Thousands of visitors come here annually to get a prodigious experience. The beach is also known for water sports, banana rides, dolphin cruises.

Time to be here: October to January
Things you can do: Relaxing at the beach shacks, water sports, shopping at local markets, partying.

Colva Beach, South Goa

Colva Beach South Goa

Colva is one of the oldest and most famous beaches of Goa. The beach is a coastal village in Salcete, South Goa, India, and Colva Beach stretch around 2.4 km. Colva Beach is a perfect hangout place for the person of all ages, and it offers you clean waters and sands. Colva is famous for its tourist destination, budget hotels, restaurants, guest houses, food stalls, pubs, and bars.The nearest airport is Dabolim airport which 21 km far away, and the nearest railway station is the Mudgaon railway station.

Time to be visit here: October to May
Things you can do: Enjoying the nightlife, unwinding by sea, water-sports

Kovalam beach

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam means groves of coconut trees, and the place offers you an endless view of coconut trees. The famous Kovalam beach is located in Trivandrum City. The beach is popularly known for the union of three beaches: Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach, and Samudra Beach.

Time to be visit here: November to February
You can do things: Enjoying a meal at vivid cafes, enjoying a trip to Lighthouse beach, and walking to the seaside mosque.

Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach Kerala

Varkala Beach is one of the crowded beaches in Kerala, where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. Varkala Beach offer you sunbathing and swimming with exquisite views. The Janardana Swami Temple is located near the beach and is known for a 10-day festival called Arattu. Sivagiri Mutt is also an attraction point which is located at the top of the Sivagiri hill.
Varkala beach also promises you to experience adventure activities such as boat riding, parasailing, and horse riding.

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Time to be visit here: November to February
Things you can do: Visit nearby Swami Temple, take a dip in the water

Candolim beach, Goa

Candolim Beach Goa

Candolim Beach is one of the famous and less crowded beaches in the state of Goa, India. Because the city is less congested, it has better planned than other beaches of Goa. The beach has all the essential things that make it a perfect tourist destination, like fishing, seaside yoga, flourishing markets, party culture, and scenic views. The beach has other tourist places like Aguada Fort, lighthouse, and barracks of the Aguada jail.

Time to be visit here: November to April
Things you can do: Visit the lighthouse, church, enjoy fishing and shopping in the local market.

Puri Beach, Odisha

Puri Beach Odisha

Puri Beach, also named Golden beach located in Puri and the state of Odisha, India. The Puri beach is a famous tourist destination and a Hindu sacred place. Here at this location, you will experience romantic sunrises along with spectacular and unforgettable sunsets. White sands and clear water adds more attraction and glamour to the views. Puri Beach is ideal for vacation.

Time to be visit here: November to February
Things you can do:Visit local markets for shopping, Chill on the beach, Experience the sunrise and sunset with your soulmate or family.

Calangute Beach, North Goa

Calangute Beach North Goa

Calangute Beach is a famous and most extensive beach in North Goa and is known as Queen of the Beaches. Millions of domestic and international visitors visit the beaches every year and experience the stunning views of the beach. The beach is not about serenity, and it is about perfect for clubbing and night parties. The beach offers you water sport activities like parasailing and water skiing.

Time to be visit here: October to May
Things you can do: Relax at the beach shacks, takes a stroll on the sand, water sports, and night parties.

Marina Beach, Chennai

Marina Beach Chennai

Marina is one of the famous and urban beach located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The beach is known to be the second largest beach in the world. The splendid views make this beach more ideal for visiting, and it hosts thousands of tourists every year. Marina beach is one of the most crowded beaches in the country and attracts about 25,000 visitors a day. The historical monuments add more glamour to the beach.

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Time to be visit here: November to February
Things you can do: Visit the aquarium, take a walk to the historical monuments.

Ganpatipule Beach, Maharastra

Ganpatipule Beach Maharashtra

Ganpatipule Beach is a small town located in the Ratnagiri district on the Konkan coast of Maharastra. Ganapatipule beach is rich in flora, along with the mangroves and coconut palms. The swayambhu (self-originated) Lord Ganesha is the center of the attraction, and thousands of people frequently visit there and pay tribute to Ganesha. The beach is one the cleanest beaches along the Konkan coast and offers complete relaxation and scenic views.

Time to be visit here: October to February
Things you can do: You can do paragliding, take a walk along with the beach, enjoy a bonfire under the moonlight.

Mandarmani Beach, Kolakta

Mandarmani Beach Kolkata

Mandarmani Beach is a seaside village resort located in the state of Bengal, India. Red crabs crawling around the long beach is an essential attraction of Mandarmani Beach. Mandarmani beach is a little paradise on the Earth, one of the prettiest and beautiful beach, a perfect place to spend your holiday.

Time to be visit here: December to February
Things you can do: Involve yourself in water sports, enjoy a picnic under the moonlight, go for a boat ride.

Elephanta Beach, Havelock Beach, Andaman

Elephant Beach Andaman

Elephanta Beach is one of the unique attractions of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is one of the cleanest beaches in India that promises an exclusive experience to the visitors looking for peaceful exploration in Andaman. The underwater life at this beach never fails to attract visitors.

Time to be visit here: October to May
Things you can do: Snorkeling, scuba diving, trekking, fishing, swimming.

Final Word

If you plan to spend your vacation, try to explore nature’s beauty and spend your quality time on the beaches. If you’re a real beach lover and have the time and money, then we have provided you a list of appealing vacation venues. Check out the list of beaches we have presented to you. Along with that, you need a place to stay and enjoy every single moment. SurfIndia is a directory portal that has enlisted many genuine and trustworthy Resorts and Hotels that promises you to provide the best service under an affordable price range. Explore the site and choose the top service provider based on their ratings and customer reviews.

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