How to Relocate Pets? A Useful Guide for Safe and Comfortable Pet Moving!

How to Relocate Pets

Pets are very close to our hearts also essential part of our family. They never fail to make us feel happy. Spending some time with them releases all our stress and leaves a smile on our faces. When our pets come home, they get accustomed to the surroundings and the familiar faces. If you have to relocate home due to work or other reasons, it is easy for you as humans. But, it can be difficult for pets as some people may not know the proper tips and tricks to pet relocation. So, if you are new to pet relocation and need to know what you should do to keep your pets safe during relocation, here are some valuable tips.


1. Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

when relocating pets before moving to the new location with your pet, you must make sure that you go through pet ownership regulations in that city or country. This is because there are certain places where some breeds of dogs, cats, birds are not allowed. Pets like turtles are also banned in some countries.


2. Hire a pet relocation company

Hire a pet relocation company

All pet lovers want their pets to always stay in comfort all the time. During relocation, they should also feel at ease. One best way to provide them with utmost comfort is by hiring a pet relocation service. These relocations companies have a lot of experience moving pets easily from one place to another. So, make sure that you start looking for a pet relocation company in advance. There are plenty of packers and movers in Delhi, Mumbai and various other cities providing relocation of pets. After choosing a reliable pet relocation company, make sure that you give them all the necessary documents related to your friend, which may be needed during the journey.


3. Separate room for pet

Separate room for pet

On the day of moving there will be a lot of commotion in your house. You may hire packers and movers who will be moving in and out of the house, loading your things into the truck. So, it would be best to keep your pet in a separate room so that they don’t feel uncomfortable with so many people in the house.

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4. Visit your vet before the relocation

Visit your vet before the relocation

When you are about to move with your pet, you should ensure your pet is not sick. So, ensure to visit the vet for a regular health check-up. Once the check-up is done, you should collect your pet’s health certificate, vaccination record, and declaration that your pet is healthy for travel. This is an essential certificate which you may need during your trip.


5. Pack all of your pet’s favorite things

Pack all of your pets favorite things

Travelling by car, train or flight can be stressful for your pet, especially for a long duration. So, you should keep their favorite toys to keep them entertained during the journey. You can also pack their favorite treats and give them on the way to keep them happy during your home relocation.


6. Medicines, food, and other supplies

Medicines food and other supplies

During travel, make sure to keep your pet food near you. You can buy spill-proof water and food bowls for your pets for trip. Sometimes pets can get irritated if they do not get water and food. So, these spill-proof bowls will conveniently provide them meals on the go. When your pet is on the trip along with you, they are sure to see some strange new faces and places, which may make them anxious. If your pet ever feels this way, you can take some anti-anxiety medicines. You can buy these from your vet.


7. Take frequent breaks during the journey.

Take frequent breaks during the journey

Long hours in the journey can be very tiresome, not just for you but your pets as well. So, to keep them at ease, you should take regular breaks in the journey and walk your pet around. They will feel relaxed from sitting continuously at one place for long hours. If you are traveling by car and planning to stop somewhere for a bathroom or tea break, then do not leave your pet inside the vehicle.


8. Keep updated identification on your pet

Keep updated identification on your pet

Make sure your pet is wearing a pet collar and tag with updated contact information. If your pet gets lost, this will help track it down. You can tie its collar with a leash and hold it to keep your pet close to you.

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After moving to new home

After moving to new home

Here are some essential things you should follow to keep your furry friend comfy in your new home.

    1. At first, moving into your new home may not be easy for you. You may feel strange in a completely new room with a new feel and surroundings. So, you should give time to your pet to adjust to the new home. If you have a pet dog, you can take it out on a stroll. This way, your dog will get familiar with the new house and area around.

    2. Since you will be moving to another place, you should look for a new vet. If you are unsure of good vets in your locality, you can ask your neighbors who also have pets for recommendations or call your old vet.

    3. You should look for a good pet shop near your house and ensure they have the right food and treats that your pet likes.

    4. If your pets have microchips or ID tags, make sure that they are updated with the new house address and contact details.


Frequently Asked Questions : Pet Relocation


1. How can I transport my pet safely?

You can hire a pet relocation company which will make all the efforts to make sure your pet moves to another city or country in smooth and comfy manner.


2. Are pet relocation companies safe?

Yes. Pet Relocation companies provide safe and relocation of your pets from one destination to other.


3. How do I make my pet feel comfortable during travel?

You can make the vehicle comfortable enough for them by providing them with their favorite things such as toys and pillows. If you are going to keep your pet in a pet carrier make sure it’s big enough for your pet to move around.


4. Which is the best method to transport pets?

If the place you are moving to is not very far from your old home, then you can relocate your pet by road as this is the easiest means of pet transport.


5. What is the safest method to travel with a dog in a car?

You should ensure that your dog has a seatbelt or leash/harness around to keep them safe during the trip.


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