How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving – Glassware, China, Mugs and More!

Moving to your new home is exciting and a daunting task to do. This is because there are so many things you need to take care of, like hiring reputed and professional home relocation companies for quick, safe loading and unloading of goods, etc. One thing that can be nerve-wracking during the whole relocation process is packing your fragile and precious items. A simple mistake or careless handling during the packing process can risk the safety of your delicate goods. So it is essential to know how to pack your precious belongings to safeguard them from any mishaps.

Your goods are safe depending on how you pack them. You must use excellent quality packing materials to safeguard goods like chinaware, glassware, crockery, artwork, and other belongings. Packing your fragile items compared to standard items needs additional care for utmost protection. So, here are some valuable tips on how to pack fragile items for moving.

Essential Packing Materials Required

Following are the materials you need when packing breakables:

  1. Bubble wraps

  2. Foam sheets

  3. Packing peanuts

  4. Sturdy boxes/cartons

  5. Old newspapers

  6. Adhesive tapes

  7. Plastic sheets

  8. Markers

  9. Old blankets

  10. Old towels

How to Pack Glassware for Moving?

Given below are the steps on how to pack glassware. When packing these fragile items, use a medium-sized sturdy box, old newspapers, old towels, etc.

1. First, you must prepare your box by crumpling packing paper and old newspapers and placing these at the bottom of your package. The crumpled papers will cushion your glassware and prevent it from breaking during the move.

2. When packing glasses, always start with the huge glassware. Wrap the heavy ones with tissue rolls, towels, or newspapers and place them at the bottom of the box.

3. If you have identical glasses, you can even wrap them together, which will help you save packing supplies.

4. Once you have wrapped and placed all your glassware in the box, fill the top with more crumpled papers or towels to fill the gaps in the box. Then seal the box with broad adhesive tape. Label the box with words, such as “FRAGILE GLASSWARE.”

How to Pack Artwork and Picture Frames?

Given below are the instructions for packing artwork and picture frames:

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1. Sort through your artwork or photo frames based on sizes. You can pack the small and medium-sized frames together. For packing large frames, use a slightly larger box than the frame.

2. Draw an X with tape on the glass surface of the frames. This will prevent the glass surface from cracking during transit.

3. Wrap your artwork or photo frame with wrapping paper, old bedsheets, and bubble wraps, and then place them in a box. It is best to avoid wrapping your artworks with old newspapers as it can leave ink marks on the frame. Then put it in a box and seal it. Mark the package as “FRAGILE” or “CAUTION TOP LOAD.”

How to Pack TV for Moving?

Here are the instructions to pack your flat-screen TVs the right way to safeguard them against any damage:

1. Start by wrapping your TV with bubble wrap. If you don’t have bubble wrap, you can also use old bed sheets or blankets to provide enough cushioning.

2. Tape a big piece of cardboard on the TV screen to protect it from shattering.

3. Take the original box of the TV and add some crumpled paper to it. You can also borrow or buy a box if you do not have the original TV box.

4. Place the TV in the box and add more crumbled papers if there are gaps. Seal the box using tape and label it with words like “KEEP UPRIGHT” and “FRAGILE.”

How to Pack China, Crockery, Mugs, and other Dishes?

Follow the steps given below to pack your crockery, chinaware, and other dishes for utmost protection during the move:

1. Pick a strong medium-sized box for packing your chinaware and other dishes.

2. Wrap the plates with foam sheets or bubble wrap and place the large and heavy ones at the bottom of the box For the mugs, fill the hollow parts and wrap them with the same wrapping materials. Place them in an upright position in the box.

3. Fill the empty spaces with papers or newspapers and seal the carton. Label it with words like “HANDLE WITH CARE.

How to Pack Breakables for Moving: Additional Tips

1. Use Small or medium boxes

It is best to use small to medium-sized boxes to pack fragile items for moving because such sized boxes are easier to carry. It also won’t have a lot of extra space for things inside to shift around during the move.

2. Don’t use flimsy boxes

Avoid using boxes made with flimsy material or low-quality cartons when choosing cartons to pack breakables. Such boxes can risk the safety of your goods during handling and transit. Use good quality sturdy boxes which will hold your delicate items and safeguard them against damage.

3. Use tape to seal the bottom of the box

When you tape the bottom of the box to prepare it for packing, add extra layers of adhesive tape so that the bottom stays intact and provides strong support to your goods.

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4. Place heavy breakables at the bottom

Place your large and heavy items at the bottom of the box, which will make a stronger base. Place the lighter ones on top to avoid them from getting crushed by the weight of heavier items.

5. Label your boxes

Labeling your boxes is one of the crucial things to do when you want to know how to pack fragile materials. Mark all the boxes containing breakables clearly with words like “CAUTION,” “FRAGILE,” “HANDLE WITH CARE,” etc.

6. Packing of fragile electronics

Fragile electronic items such as tablets, e-book readers, etc., should be packed with extreme care to safeguard them from damage. The best way to pack such essential items is using their original boxes, which are ideal for their size.

7. Take your time to pack

Don’t rush to pack your belongings. You can mishandle your fragile goods and end up breaking them. It’s best to take your time to pack one item at a time.

8. Pack every fragile item separately

You must pack every delicate item separately with good quality packing supplies. Packing items together in a box will cause damage, like the chipping of your chinaware or the shattering of glasses.

9. Fill hollow gaps with paper

Goods such as bowls and mugs should be filled with crumpled wrapping paper or old newspapers, protecting and lessening the vibrations during the move.

10. Hire a professional moving company

If you feel overwhelmed with all the packing instructions, then have no worries. You can hire professional packers and movers to do the job for you. Their team will ensure that all your goods, whether standard or breakables are packed securely and delivered to your new home on time.

Fragile items such as chinaware, crockery, glassware sets, and other items are expensive to buy, and this is why one wants these items to be packed with utmost care for the move. If you are moving and want to safeguard your fragile items, then remember to use only the best quality boxes, tapes, and other packing materials. Packing many items can sometimes be quite overwhelming, so you can also hire professional packers and movers in Pune, Ghaziabad, Noida, Kolkata, etc., who will pack and relocate your goods safely to the new location.

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