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  • 2019 General Elections: What Does India's Political Destiny Holds?

    India always transforms itself into a battleground as the Lok Sabha elections approaches every time once in every five years. The tussle of the opposition parties makes every Indian mind cloistered with the contradicting thoughts making it difficult to make a judgment on polling. A similar state of affairs can be witnessed in the democratic country of India with the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections on 12th May where the major leading political parties of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress will be fighting a battle against each other for their survival on the political grounds of India.

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    With many successes in its kitty, the Modi Government stands tall and confident in front of the Congress party led by Rahul Gandhi in the forthcoming elections, while the Congress party is also making deliberations to sit on the political throne of India with their persistent efforts and convincing skills. But what will the destiny of India's political affairs hold is still unknown. The entire population of India has gone into a dilemma of what political party to vote for after Modi's act of air strike on the terrorist camp in POK after the Phulwama attack that has won his government accolades and veneration from the citizens of India. Though the upcoming elections is a testing time for the political parties in India giving what they truly deserve, it is also a report card that will reflect the actual result of their hard work and efforts which they have put in to make India a developed and a prospering country.

    The Lok Sabha Elections of 2019 will certainly be an interesting event to witness for both the voters as well as the spectators all around the world. Soon the campaigns and rallies by the political parties will begin in full swing making people feel more muddled. The Indian streets in every nook and corner of the country will be flooded by the representatives of different political parties demanding your votes. Who will win 5 years old Modi government who made exemplary contributions in making India the sixth largest economy in the world or more than 130 years old Congress government who governed India for majority of years?

    But, in this complicated political scenario, what remains every Indian citizen's duty is to make the best man win!

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