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  • Smog in Delhi: A Looming Health Crisis

    Smog in Delhi

    The landscape of the capital city of Delhi has undergone a massive and drastic change with the rising smoke from the burnt agriculture fields in several parts of North India. The burning of the stubble by the Indian farmers has become an annual phenomenon turning this city into a gas chamber. The Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi has fallen below the benchmark causing "Respiratory illness on prolonged exposure" making the citizens of this city fight for breath. Though the situation has somewhat marginally improved with the sudden showers of rain in some parts of this city in the previous days, but the situation is still far off from the break-even in major parts of Delhi.

    Air Quality Index of New Delhi (6 November 2019)
    AQI 179 (Unhealthy)
    PM 2.5 109
    PM 10 292
    NO2 87
    CO 1742
    SO2 12
    O3 10

    The smog which has engulfed Lutyens' Delhi from the last week of October has left people at the mercy of the breathing masks reducing the levels of health risks. Various other steps are being taken by the Government as well as the citizens to knock down the harmful health impacts of the smog such as –

    Odd-Even Regime to control air pollution in Delhi: The Delhi Government has brought back their successful regime of Odd-Even once again to control the rising levels of air pollution in Delhi/NCR. Commenced from November 4, this scheme has reduced the traffic on roads and proved to be useful in reducing air pollution and improving AQI in Delhi.

    odd even

    Air Purifiers in Homes: Reducing air pollution outside is a confederated activity which needs association and contribution of all the citizens of the city. But, people can at least make their homes pollution-free by bringing these electrical appliances home. Companies like Kent, Dyson, Philips and others manufacture these health-friendly air purifiers which remove pollutants from the indoor air and make it suitable for respiration within homes.

    air purifiers

    Air Purifying Plants: With the rising number of vehicles on roads, there is a considerate increase noticed in the levels of pollution in Delhi. Planting trees have always been the most crucial step in decreasing the pollutants in the air. With a large category of indoor plants like snake plant, peace lily, spider plant, jade plant, and others which are efficient in eliminating harmful pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene from the air, people are bringing these plants home to save themselves from the dangerous effects of pollution.

    air purifying plants

    Closed windows and doors: Keeping windows and doors shut is the need of the moment. As the air outside is no more fresh and clean for breathing, ventilation is certainly not the best idea. Keep the outside air from entering inside is the best idea to keep home protected from the pollutants.

    closed windows and doors

    The Final Call

    Who will take the final call on stubble burning? Is it the Government of India in favor of whom the people have voted or the citizens of the country who are facing the aftermath of this yearly activity by raising their united voices? Fining farmers with hefty penalties for this anticipated annual activity without providing them other ways to dispose of their stubble is a topic of debate. For now, the situation is still not under control and need a deep check. Meanwhile, people should continue wearing masks for better and healthier breathing and keep their fingers crossed for a healthier and breathable tomorrow.

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