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  • Top 15 Useful Tips That Will Work Amazingly Well for Winter Skincare

    winter skincare tips

    With the cold wind blowing and snowfalls reflecting their charm, who don't like to be out in the winters! But, apart from the gleaming gold, there are havocs that the cold breeze causes to the human skin and health. Winter has its own charm, but to take all of it, a proper regimen is required that will make the coming winters the best time of the year. So, this year, experience the beauty of the snowflakes by standing out in winters with these 15 useful winter skin care tips:

    1.Say hi to Aloe Vera!

    aloe vera

    Everyone is familiar with this name as this is one of the most recognized skincare elements and is present in many lotions and creams as well. But, do not mistake it with the summer-suit only as applying Aloe Vera on the skin in winters will not only nourish the skin but will also help in preserving the moisture for a longer time as it has vitamin C and E and many other important and crucial components for skin health.

    2. Coconut oil at rescue...

    coconut oil

    Coconut oil is one of the most common household ingredient, but it is not only limited to the hairs as applying this ultimate effective base oil on the body and skin will help to protect the skin from dryness and will also fight with the free radical damage that makes this skin looks dull. Just dab some of the oil on your face, hands, and feet and leave overnight. Do not expose to the sunlight as it can cause tanning.

    3. Limit the shower time in hot water

    limit the shower time in hot water

    Who don't like to take hot and comfy baths in winters, but staying for a long time in the hot shower can cause skin irritation and can also reduce the moisture content in the body as the hot water evaporated faster leaving behind the dry and irritated skin So, limit the shower time up to 10 to 15 minutes only and apply moisturizer as you get yourself dried with towel.

    4. Stay hydrated in and out

    stay hydrated in and out

    In winters, the air becomes dry and so does the skin. So, it becomes important to be hydrated in winters unless the body will lose the shine and charm and will look dull and irritated. For this, one can use cream-based lotions and creams on the skin and avoid the things that contain alcohol and chemicals.

    5. Shift to the aisles of Essential oils

    shift to the aisles of essential oils

    In winters, using chemical-based products can affect the skin adversely. So, try and shift to natural products. For this, one can go with naturally extracted essential oils. Massaging them on the skin or using them with the skincare products will not only keep the skin healthier but will also protect it from the damage and infection. One can go with Tea Tree essential oil, Lavender Essential oil, etc in winters.

    6. Do not exfoliate much

    do not exfoliate much

    Exfoliating in winters is a questionable theory as every skin type is different and so do the answers differ. Exfoliation is needed as getting rid of dead skin cells is also required in winters unless it will cause breakouts and pimples, but one should do this in a limit as much exfoliation can cause skin dryness. If anyone has dry skin, then do not exfoliate much, and if it is in combination, two to three times a week is okay. But, not to forget to exfoliate gentle on skin as it can cause cracks.

    7. Revamp your skincare routine

    revamp your skincare routine

    The same skincare products that everyone is using in summers are not the idol one to be used in winters as the air and the atmosphere in this season is much drier and irritating and the body requires more moisturizer and hydration. So, revamp the skincare routine at the starting of the changing season.

    8. Do not forget hand and feet

    do not forget hand and feet

    Apart from the face, hands and feet also require to be taken care of as they also lose moisture quickly in the dry and cool wind. So, after taking a shower, moisturize every body part with a good and alcohol-free moisturizer. Also, apply some of the lotion to hands and feet at night so that the cracks can relieve and soothe.

    9. Sunscreen is still on

    Sunscreen is still on

    Sunscreen is not only for summers as in winters too the skin needs protection from sunlight. So, always apply a sunscreen to the body and face before stepping house as it will lock the moisture in the skin for a longer time.

    10. Exercise daily

    exercise daily

    Yes, it is hard to get out of the cozy blanket in cold winter mornings, by exercising daily, the blood flow in the body will be regulated and this will keep the body warm from inside.

    11. Eat right to stay fit

    eat right to stay fit

    Having a good and correct diet in winters is very necessary to keep the skin youthful and younger-looking. Switch to vegetables and nonoily food and stay hydrated by including liquids in the diet. Don't forget to have dry-fruits in the morning as well.

    12. Give a try to the DIY masks

    give a try to the diy masks

    If anyone is having complicated skin type and cannot decide which skincare product is best for winters, then DIY masks are the best ones to drool over. Use fruits and natural extracts to make pack packs and keep the skin glowing and irritation-free.

    13. Switch to lukewarm water from the hot water

    switch to lukewarm

    The love for hot water baths in winters is an obvious thing, but one can go for the lukewarm water as well as staying in the hot water for a long time can cause dryness and cracks on the skin after people will step out from the bathroom.

    14. Humidifier is worth the investment

    humidifier is worth the investment

    Humidifiers are the indispensable part of winters as they will allow some moisture in the packed and warm rooms so that the skin can breathe properly.

    15. Pomegranate juice is the best

    pomegranate juice is the best

    It is common saying that in winters, the infectious bacteria and viruses can attack the body more frequently. So, to fight with the free radicals causing skin and body damage, drink pomegranate juice as this red-colored juice will keep the body hydrated and prevent cell-aging.

    Consider all the above-mentioned skincare tips and add them to the daily regime for happy and healthy winters and have fun and experience the beauty of snowflakes in the snowfall.

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