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  • Valentine Week List 2019: What Each Day of This Romantic Season of Love Denotes?

    The sudden hearing of the violins in the background, the soothing chirping of the birds, mesmerizing freshness and captivating fragrance of flowers in the air, and when words fail to have any meanings and intangible and quite emotions gain voices, this is what the romantic Valentine atmosphere looks like. Cheerfully celebrated by all the couples worldwide, the Valentine week is no lesser than a carnival festival. These eight days of pure passionate celebrations is the best time to express and convey your heartfelt emotions to your significant others, girlfriends, boyfriends, husband, wife, and family by way of Valentine gifts. The week of Valentine commences with a charming Rose Day and ends with the magnificent Day of Love i.e. Valentine's Day.

    happy valentine day

    As the clock has started back counting the hours, minutes, and seconds to the Valentine Week 2019, let's take a rundown to the eight day of pure romance and passion.

    Rose Day- Thursday, 7th February, 2019

    Like the name suggests, this day of the Valentine week is all about roses, roses, and roses. As flowers have a beautiful language of their own, Rose Day is a blissful time of flabbergasting your beloved with mesmerizing roses. A true epitome of love and romance, a red rose is perfect for people indulged in romantic relationships with their significant others. As red roses become a rage during this time of the year, their prices and demand witness a significant jump. Not just roses, there are other Valentine flowers as well which are excellent communicators of your deep feelings to your special ones.

    happy rose day

    Propose Day- Friday, 8th February, 2019

    Expressing your heartiest feelings to your love interest is the most difficult and strenuous task. Propose Day is a perfect occasion to communicate your inner emotions to your loved ones during the Valentine week. If you haven't made a proposal yet to your crush, then, just go for it! Get down on your knees to make the most romantic proposal ever. After all, this lovable day is all about spilling the beans!!

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    Chocolate Day - Saturday, 9th February, 2019

    Certainly the best-loved day of the Valentine week, Chocolate Day is sheer happiness to the mind and soul. After a romantic proposal to your Valentine has been made, the joyous occasion demands a saccharine delicacy to sweeten the mouths. And, what's better than a box of assorted chocolates. Wish your partners with a chocolate box or gourmet gifts to make this Valentine a scrumptious one for them.

    happy chocolate day

    Teddy Day - Sunday, 10th February, 2019

    There is nothing (apart from flowers) that can convey your feelings of love and care than a soft teddy bear. Teddies, though without life, are best friends to all that provides unconditional support and friendly cuddles. They will always be your bedside to bring you out from sudden mood swings. They can be ideally gifted to lovers, children, and even parents this Valentine week to express your inner feelings to them. Therefore, this Sunday, get a chubby and mushy teddy for your dear ones to bless them with sheer comfort and happiness.

    happy teddy day

    Promise Day - Monday, 11th February, 2019

    Promises and commitments are the souls of happy relationships. Promise Day witnesses people making promises of a lifetime with their dear ones to provide them an assurance of their deep love, affection, and unconditional support at all times. Celebrate this remarkable day this upcoming Monday among your loved ones and promise your loyalty towards them.

    happy promise day

    Hug Day - Tuesday, 12th February, 2019

    Hugs are the most affectionate gesture of expressing your love and gratitude towards your significant others. The Valentine week has especially dedicated a whole day to this lovely gesture to shower innumerable hugs on your loved ones. Wrap your arms around them and say all you want to say to them this Valentine season.

    happy hug day

    Kiss Day - Wednesday, 13th February, 2019

    Kiss day is the summation of the alluring and significantly long Valentine week. As kisses are all about showering immense love and affection on your partner, this Kiss Day, make the most of this amazing romantic gesture. So, girls, don't forget to paint your handsome lovers cheeks red with your muahhhhsssss!

    happy kiss day

    Valentine's Day - Thursday, 14th February, 2019

    Finally, the wait for the Day of Love is over as Valentine's Day will finally arrive at your door next Thursday. Valentine's Day is a beautiful culmination of all the feelings that are celebrated during the Valentine week. The lovers all over the world will reunite once again to spend this amorous day with their Valentines. The Love God, cupid will set itself completely free spreading romance and love in the air.

    happy valentien's day

    Have a blast this Valentine week 2019!
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