5 Most Common Pests in Every Indian Home and Their Impact!

Pests love your house more than you. Whether you can see them or not, they are always around you. These tiny creatures love to play hide and seek while carrying many germs and diseases. They play with your health and hygiene by being present in your house. Their tiny paws contain many deadly germs that can harm you and your family. Knowing about these pests and their effects on your home is essential. So here is the list of the 5 common pests of every Indian home and their impacts.


1. Ants


Ants are the most common pests in every Indian home. Ants are uncountable; if we say roughly, then there are quadrillion ants on this planet. They are primarily found in your kitchen, walls, and sugary surfaces. One ant can attract billions of ants. They harm your food’s hygiene with their waste and dirt. Moreover, carpenter ants can damage your furniture and structural integrity by attacking the wood. So avoid them, do not leave your food open and around, and keep your kitchen and floor clean.


2. Cockroaches


These creatures can find their way into your home through pipes, holes, and cracks. They always wait to feed on leftovers, grime, and fecal matter. They don’t bite, but they cause health issues. Their discarded skin can cause problems like asthma attacks or allergies in sensitive people. They carry a pathogen that induces various diseases like typhoid, cholera, etc. To get rid of them, keep the places clean and fill all the cracks and holes in your house.

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3. Rodents


Rodents are also called shy animals. Their impact can be terrible on health as they cause diseases like the plague. You can easily find them under your furniture, in your kitchen, or your garage area. Mouse and mice are perfect examples of rodents. To get rid of them, it is suggested to use mice trappers. Also, keep the area clean and food free as they attacked the leftover foods. You can also search for scents that keep the mice away.


4. Drain Flies

Drain Flies

Drain Flies can be spotted in the drains of your home because of bacteria accumulation and stagnant water. They can infest your home rapidly as they lay 300 eggs in 48 hours, meaning they can make a house in the drain pipes. They are not directly harmful to humans, but they carry lots of bacteria that can give birth to various diseases. You can also spot them in bathtubs, garbage bins, drains, and moist places. They can contaminate the surfaces of your home. You can keep the drains clean to avoid them.


5. Silverfish


Silverfish can be spotted in moist, humid, and damp places. These are common pests of Indian homes that are elusive to the naked eye. However, their impact is always visible. They leave holes or notches on the edges of furniture and shelves. Materials they infest have yellow stains on them. Silverfish is highly dangerous for your clothes and furniture as it can damage them and leave a faint smell. They also infect things like dry foods, books, shoes, etc.

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So the above are some common pests in Indian homes that one can find easily. If you want to get rid of them completely, you can get help from pest control services, which provide all types of services like ant control, termite pest control, etc. At surfindia, you can easily find the best pest control service at very affordable prices. They will help you make your house pest-free, ultimately making it germs-free.


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