Guide to Kitchen Vastu – Effective Tips, Colors, Directions, Do’s and Don’ts

Guide to Kitchen Vastu


One of the important parts of your home is the kitchen, as it is the daily source of energy for everyone in the family. It is also believed that most of the energy in your home is attracted by the kitchen, be it good or bad. So, if you want to bring in lots of positive vibes in the most integral part of your home, you can follow Vastu tips for the kitchen. No matter how much you design your kitchen, you may miss some essential details, so here is an ultimate guide to kitchen Vastu with do’s and don’ts. After you go through the helpful guide, you can hire the services of professional kitchen interior designers to decorate your kitchen space as per Vastu.


Kitchen Vastu: Significance


A kitchen is an essential part of every household as it is the main energy source. Vastu tips for the kitchen can bring good health and positivity to the house and bring auspicious events in the family from time to time, such as happy marriages, happy festival celebrations, etc. According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Annapurna is the deity of food, and she blesses you with a kitchen that keeps your family nourished and healthy. Your kitchen, according to Vastu, represents the element of fire which is a blessing for the family. Building the kitchen as per the Vastu is essential and, if not done properly, can cause disruptions, such as health loss, debts, financial losses, and other kinds of misfortune. So, if you seek peace, prosperity, and the good well-being of every family member, making your kitchen Vastu compliant is crucial.


Kitchen Vastu: Direction


One of the major things in Vastu for the kitchen is the placement of the room. As per Vastu, the ideal kitchen placement in your home is the southeast direction since the Lord of Fire, Agni, rules it, and the kitchen is also the element that represents fire. If you cannot position the kitchen in the southeast direction for some reason, Vastu says the northwest direction is also beneficial. But, remember to not place your kitchen in southwest, north, or northeast as these are the most inauspicious kitchen placement zones which can cause dispute in the family.


Kitchen Vastu: Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows

Just like the placement of the kitchen, the position of the kitchen door or entrance is also very important, as per Vastu. So, the door for the kitchen must be in the north, northeast, west, or east-facing direction. For the placement of the main windows in the kitchen, the east direction is ideal. The early morning sunlight will fill the kitchen with positive energy and sanitize the cooking space, making this placement in this direction beneficial for your well-being. The smaller kitchen windows can be placed in the south zone, which will help in proper ventilation of the room, which is essential as the kitchen produces fumes during cooking.

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Kitchen Vastu: Gas Stove and Cylinder

Gas Stove and Cylinder

A gas stove or hob must be placed in the right direction if you wish to fully comply with the kitchen Vastu. The gas stove or hob is a fire element and should be placed in the southeast direction of your house. The gas stove or hob should be positioned so that the person cooking should face the east direction. The family members who spend most of their day in the kitchen will find this beneficial for their health due to the sun’s rays.


Kitchen Vastu: Refrigerator and other Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerator and other Kitchen Appliances

Every household has many kitchen appliances, making cooking easier and less time-consuming. Appliances such as coffee makers, rice cookers, toasters, microwaves, etc., should be placed in the southwest direction of the room. These appliances can be placed in other zones, too, except in the northeast. Every household also has a refrigerator to store vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and other items. Because it is one of the common and essential appliances of the kitchen, you should place it in a Vastu-compliant direction that is southwest or northwest.


Kitchen Vastu: Storage


You must avoid placing the storage cabinet above the stove or hob; otherwise, it could be a fire hazard. You must replace the storage spaces above the stove or hob with a kitchen chimney to remove fumes and odor during cooking. The cabinets should be placed in the southwest or west directions as per Vastu Shashtra because this will bring all kinds of good and health to your family. It is best to avoid placing the storage cabinets in the east and north direction of the walls.


Kitchen Vastu: Sinks and Water Taps

Sinks and Water Taps

The placement of sink and water taps is essential in Vastu for the kitchen as these represent the water element. So, it would help if you placed the sink, filtered water for drinking, and water taps for kitchen purposes in the northeast direction. Remember to keep these away or in the opposite direction of the gas stove. The stove or hob represents the fire element, and both repel each other. Placing the water taps and sink in the right zones per Vastu will ensure that your family members are happy and well and there are no disputes between them.


Kitchen Vastu: Suitable Colors

Suitable Colors

Hues play an essential role in the Vastu Shashtra as each of them signifies several emotions and vibrations. So, it is also important to choose the right hues for your kitchen which complies with the Vastu to bring positivity and keep your loved ones healthy. The best-suited colors for your kitchen are light shades such as red, orange, pastel pink, etc. It is best to avoid dark shades of black, blue, grey, etc., making the kitchen ambiance dull and negative. You can hire interior designers in Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc., or the city you reside in, book their designing services to get the best wall colors and design for your kitchen.

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Kitchen Vastu: Do’s

To bring positivity and good fortune to your homes, follow these kitchens do’s as per Vastu:

  1. Organize the utensils and keep them neatly in a cabinet.
  2. Do dispose of broken glassware or china dishes as soon as possible.
  3. Water bottles, pots, or other water containers should be kept in the northeast zone.
  4. The dining table in the kitchen should be positioned in the northwest or north direction.
  5. The kitchen pantry must be kept in the west or south direction according to Vastu.


Kitchen Vastu: Dont’s

Following is the list of things you must avoid as per Vastu for Kitchen:

  1. Do not position your kitchen in the northeast zone of the house, as this causes stress and anxiety.
  2. Do not place the kitchen below or above the bathroom, pooja room, toilets, and bedrooms.
  3. Do not place the kitchen door in the south.
  4. Do not keep the kitchen floor color black or other dark shades.
  5. Do not cook while facing south, as this may cause health problems to the person cooking and financial losses in the family.
  6. Do not position the stove or hob in front of the kitchen entrance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Vastu for Kitchen


1. Where to not place the kitchen as per Vastu?

It is best to not place your kitchen in the northeast direction and above or under a bathroom, toilet, bedroom, or pooja room.


2. Is the open kitchen good as per Vastu?

Yes, your open kitchen is good, according to Vastu.


3. Which colors are ideal for the kitchen as per Vastu?

Some of the kitchen’s best colors that comply with Vastu are green, pink, white, and yellow. You can even choose red, light blue, or any pastel shade.


4. What side should the stove or hob face?

The stove or hob in your kitchen must be positioned in the southeast.


5. Where to place the kitchen platform?

As per Vastu, the kitchen platform should be placed in the southeast or east direction.


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