Feng Shui Tips and Lucky Dates for Auspicious Home Move 2023

Updated On: 13th, October 2023

Shifting with your family to a new location is a huge deal for everyone as this means having new friends, new neighbors, and a new town to explore. It also means a fresh start for the family. So, you can start living in your new home by following some useful and lucky Feng Shui tips so that your new house is always surrounded by positivity, happiness, prosperity, and good health. You can also choose a lucky date according to the Feng Shui or Chinese calendar to bring even more good luck into your homes. So, here are all the useful Feng Shui home moving tips and lucky dates for moving in 2023.

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1. Select a lucky date as per Feng Shui

Select a lucky date as per Feng Shui

Like how a priest in Hindu tradition suggests a lucky date for home moving, there are also various auspicious days as per Feng Shui for each month that you can choose for a home relocation. According to Feng Shui, you should move on an Ecliptic day, Cheng Day, San He Day, or a Horse Day for luck. You can also have a look the table of dates given on this page to choose a date for your move. Remember not to select that day when the animal of the day is clashing with the home owner’s Chinese zodiac sign.


2. Home cleansing

Home cleansing

Before you enter your new house, you must ensure that it’s clean. You can visit your new home a day before the move and clean your home or call professional cleaners to do the job. Ensure to open all the windows for fresh air and ample sunlight to enter. This will bring lots of fresh and positive energy and peace to your home. On the day you enter your new home, you can purify the house by sprinkling rice, salt, or both on every corner of the house. You can also use incense sticks to remove any negative energy in any part of the room.


3. Pray first

Feng Shui says that you should worship or pray to your God when you enter your new home to bring luck and prosperity to your new home. Once you have prayed and cleansed your home, you can put your things in and start living in your new house.


4. Things to bring on moving day

Things to bring on moving day

Remember to bring oil, vinegar, rice, and other items used for cooking daily. Fill a bucket with rice, which symbolizes an abundance of good luck. You must not bring an old mop or broom to your new home. It is advised to buy a new one, which symbolizes a clean and fresh start in a new home.

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5. Housewarming Party

Housewarming Auspicious Dates to Move in a New Home

According to Feng Shui, you should host a housewarming party after moving into your new home. You can prepare various delicious snacks and food to share with your friends, family, and even new neighbors. This is not only a joyful way to celebrate your new home moving but a great way to attract positive energy and happiness to your new abode.


Feng Shui Home Moving Tips: Things to Avoid

Feng Shui Home Moving Tips

If you want to bring lots of fortune and prosperity to your doorsteps in abundance, then following are the things you should not do when moving to your new home according to Feng Shui:

  1. Do not enter your home with empty hands. Always carry something valuable when you step into your new abode.
  2. Do not take a nap in the afternoon at your new place as, according to Feng Shui, it can lead to illness.
  3. Do not move with a pregnant lady in the family. If you have to move urgently, make sure that the soon-to-be-mother carries a Buddha figure and does not participate in the moving ritual.
  4. Do not decorate your living rooms and bedrooms with white and color. Instead, use bright colors like yellow, red, etc.


Auspicious Dates to Move in a New Home: January 2023

Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
8th January Sunday Monkey North
11th January Wednesday Pig East
20th January Friday Monkey North
24th January Tuesday Rat North
26th January Thursday Tiger South
29th January Sunday Snake West


Feng Shui Dates to Move in a New Home: February 2023

Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
6th February Monday Ox West
14th February Tuesday Rooster West
18th February Saturday Ox West
20th February Monday Rabbit East
22nd February Wednesday Snake West
26th February Sunday Rooster West


Lucky Days to Shift to New House: March 2023

Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
1st March Wednesday Rat North
8th March Wednesday Goat East
17thMarch Friday Dragon North
18th March Saturday Snake West
26th March Sunday Ox West
27th March Monday Tiger South
29th March Wednesday Dragon North
30th March Thursday Snake West


Chinese Lucky Dates for House Shifting: April 2023

Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
1st April Saturday Goat East
5th April Wednesday Pig East
9th April Sunday Rabbit East
14th April Friday Monkey North
17th April Monday Pig East
26th April Wednesday Monkey North


Best Dates for Home Moving According to Feng Shui: May 2023


Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
6th May Saturday Horse South
8th May Monday Monkey North
10th May Wednesday Dog South
15th May Monday Rabbit East
18th May Thursday Horse South
22nd May Monday Dog South
27th May Saturday Rabbit East
30th May Tuesday Horse South


Most Auspicious Moving Dates According to Feng Shui: June 2023


Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
1st June Thursday Monkey North
5th June Monday Rat North
7th June Wednesday Tiger South
9th June Friday Dragon North
10th June Saturday Snake West
15th June Thursday Dog South
18th June Sunday Ox West
19th June Monday Tiger South
21st June Wednesday Dragon North
22nd June Thursday Snake West
30th June Friday Ox West
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Lucky Feng Shui Dates to Move in New Home: July 2023

Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
1st July Saturday Tiger South
3rd July Monday Dragon North
7th July Friday Monkey North
8th July Saturday Rooster West
10th July Monday Pig East
12th July Wednesday Ox West
16th July Sunday Snake West
19th July Wednesday Monkey North
20th July Thursday Rooster West
25th July Tuesday Tiger South


Best Dates to Move into New Home: August 2023



Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
1st August Tuesday Rooster West
8th August Tuesday Dragon North
10th August Thursday Horse South
13th August Sunday Rooster West
14th August Monday Dog South
17th August Thursday Ox West
18th August Friday Tiger South
26th August Saturday Dog South
27th August Sunday Pig East


Feng Shui Auspicious Home Moving Dates: September 2023


Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
1st September Friday Dragon North
3rd September Sunday Horse South
6th September Wednesday Rooster West
7th September Thursday Dog South
11th September Monday Tiger South
16th September Saturday Goat East
19th September Tuesday Dog South
23rd September Saturday Tiger South
26th September Tuesday Snake West
28th September Thursday Goat East

Lucky Days to Move in Your New Home: October 2023

Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
1st October Sunday Dog South
12th October Thursday Rooster West
15th October Sunday Rat North
19th October Thursday Dragon North
20th October Friday Snake West
27th October Friday Rat North
29th October Sunday Tiger South
31st October Tuesday Dragon North

Lucky Dates to Move to Your New Abode: November 2023


Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
8th November Wednesday Rat North
14th November Tuesday Horse South
16th November Thursday Monkey North
17th November Friday Rooster West
20th November Monday Rat North
26th November Sunday Horse South
28th November Tuesday Monkey North
29th November Wednesday Rooster West


Feng Shui Auspicious Dates for Home Moving: December 2023


Lucky Dates Days of Week Chinese Zodiac Clash Evil Directions
2nd December Saturday Rat North
13th December Wednesday Pig East
21st December Thursday Goat East


Congratulations on your new home! You must be pleased and excited to move to your new house. All you have to do is hire packers and movers in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, or wherever you are currently residing to shift to your new location. If you wish to have lots of positive vibes and good luck in your new home, then remember to choose a day according to Feng Shui as given above and the moving tips for prosperity and happiness. Have a happy move!


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