The Meaning of Workcation and How it Works!!!

The meaning of workcation and how it works

What is Workcation?

What is Workcation

Work + Vacation = Workcation

Business + Leisure = Bleisure

Work + Holiday = Workoliday

When you mix two words, work and vacation, the new word that comes into existence is workcation. It is also popularly known as Bleisure (Business + Leisure) or Workoliday (Work + Holiday). It is a very popular concept in recent times, but still, there are many people who have no clue about it. So, for those here, we have explained it…


Collins dictionary explains workcation as “a working vacation” Or “working during vacation.”


It basically means when a digital nomad decides to work remotely from an exotic location so that the person can earn while enjoying traveling in his free time.

The pandemic has as of now and will keep on changing the manner in which we work. A large number of us are acclimating to remote working, and this can be a major or little change contingent upon the person. However, one thing is undoubted the year 2020 has incredibly restricted our versatility and capacity to travel. The workcation pattern in this period is an immediate outcome of both our better approaches to working and our diminished opportunity. While an all-out occasion may not be accessible to many, the workcation addresses a trade-off between getting away and essentially remaining at home. Some other year, a functioning occasion might have appeared to be a logical inconsistency, yet, as the pattern develops beginning around 2020, an ever-increasing number of individuals are capitulating to its allure.


The Key to a Successful Workcation

The Key to a Successful Workcation

You will not be able to enjoy the vacation part of the workcation if you don’t feel like you’re being sufficiently productive, and that feeling of remorse can place a dampener on your vacation! The Second key is, choosing the correct location for the said workoliday. Selecting a fine hotel or resort can be the base for an extraordinary workcation, and the property you pick should be appropriate for your work. Before you choose, envision how your working day would squeeze into another place and which components of the accommodation you would require for you to go effectively through your working day.

Great WiFi is a definite requirement, and so is a peaceful environment; good seating and great lighting is the basic need for remote work. Try not to be hesitant to reach out to the hotel or resort administration ahead of time with any inquiries you have.

Advantages of Workcation

Advantages of Workcation

The advantages of taking a workcation are not the same as your typical vacation. The first and maybe most evident benefit is having a difference in the scenery. It’s so natural for us to get stuck in an everyday boring routine, prompting an absence of motivation, inspiration, and efficiency. Pack your bag and work from a new location as it can light you up from the inside. It will eventually affect your motivation and productivity in a positive manner.

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You can pick the area that sounds the most captivating: a tranquil spot in the forest or as high as possible in stunning mountains, close to a quiet oceanside, or in a spectacular city you haven’t gotten a chance to visit yet. Changing your view will increase curiosity and energy and inspire you to revive your daily routine; It wouldn’t be a surprise if you do yoga, go for an evening walk, or even eat some new food.

Workcations urge us to be more mindful of our environment and enjoy even the smallest overlooked details. The last 2 years have been hard on all of us with Covid-19 and getting locked up in our houses like prisoners, so if you are enjoying it a little, you should definitely grab the opportunity.


How to make workcation happen?

How to make workcation happen

We understand your hesitation as a workcation on paper sounds great on paper, but how can one make that happen in real life? To answer your question, if you are serious about taking a workcation, you can follow the four steps given below:


1. Choose the “workcation” part

Picking the ideal spot for a workcation is somewhat not quite the same as picking one for real get-away. On vacation, you need to head off to someplace where you won’t be disturbed so you can spend your days exploring the place. But in this case, you should stay away from places where there’s a ton you need to explore or where the principal attractions occur during the day.


2. Permission for the “work” part

I see how it may not be difficult to believe that most managers will not be down with this thought. What’s more, in certain organizations or for certain jobs, it will not be plausible. Be that as it may, with a decent arrangement of work progressively done from a distance, requesting a workcation ought to become easier and more hassle-free.


3. Preparation

For preparation purposes, you need to decide about things like your budget, the accommodation, working hours, daily schedule, among other things. After making a proper plan and executing the same, you should share the details with your family, friends, and colleagues.


4. Work with pleasure

You’ve arranged, you’ve flown off, and presently it’s an ideal opportunity to have some good times (while remaining efficient, obviously)! One thing you need to be clear about is when you are working and when stopping. Because many people fall into the trap as they start overworking to prove themselves or don’t work at all. So, you need to maintain the balance to make your workcation worthwhile.


Best workcation destination in India

If you are planning your workcation and finding it difficult to decide the location for the said excursion then we have prepared the list of top 5 cities in India for workcation.

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1. Gangtok, Sikkim


For those foodies who have burnt a variety of food while being stuck at home (no offense to the person who cooks), Gangtok food will be a much-needed development for the food sense of taste buds. From quite hot noodle soups to momos, the food in Gangtok gives the city edge over other destinations. Gangtok likewise makes for a decent workcation destination since it’s anything but a segregated escape, and you’ll effectively find restaurants and cafes at which you can sit with your Lappy to finish work.


2. Goa


Goa, a state situated in the west of India, is perhaps the most brilliant, delightful, and most loved vacationer location in India. Assuming you are an ocean lover, a beguiling workcation in Goa is what you really want. The thundering waves, sun-kissed seashores, and exciting temples of Portugal will bring out your internal motivation. Partake in the delights of Goa and invest in some opportunity to work and unwind.


3. Munnar, Kerala


Work from home has taken a lot from you, like your ability to pamper yourself! However, by going on a workstation at a spot like Munnar, you’ll have many opportunities to do things that cause you to feel better. Taste the hot tea, walk around tea farms, cycle past nature trails, and take yourself on a spa date at the end of the week. This is what your workcation would resemble in Munnar.


4. Shillong, Meghalaya


Settled in the midst of pine trees, lavish vegetation, and hypnotizing cascades lies the province of Meghalaya in the North-Eastern piece of India. Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is likewise frequently alluded to as the “Scotland of the East.” Whenever the remainder of India battles to somehow spend days under the burning hotness during summer, Shillong partakes in gentle heat and humidity, subsequently making it a famous destination among workcationers.


5. Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh


The well-known mountain town of Dharamshala is for sure a jewel of Himachal Pradesh. It offers a peaceful departure from the hurrying around of the city. Dharamshala is a spot to live in congruity with nature. Thick backwoods of pine, oak, and rhododendron trees, its path make certain to leave you with a tranquil air.



Now that we have explained the workcation to you and shared the process and tips for a successful workcation with you. You are well prepared to pack your bags (including your laptop bag) and take off to a dream location. If you are wondering about accommodation in a strange location, then we have some ideal hotels and resorts for you to get refreshed while not missing any important work tasks.


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