10 Attractive Indoor House Plants to Beautify Your Living Room

Attractive Indoor House Plants to Beautify Your Living Room

Everyone wants their home to look dapper. From bedrooms, kitchens to living rooms, people decorate their homes with ravishing paintings, pretty statues and figurines, and artifacts. People also hire home interior designers to spruce up their house. This not only pleases our eyes but gives the entire room a cool feel. A new trend in the recent few years has become indoor plants. They are very easy to maintain and don’t really require much space in the house. Such plants add vibrancy and purity to the house. Not only that, it also gives your room a new- fresh look. Some plants also bring good luck to your home. So, we have compiled a list of some alluring indoor plants which you can decorate your home with. Here they are:


1. Peace lily

Peace lily

These evergreen tropical plants are one of the most common indoor plants because they don’t require much maintenance and they grow easily. To take care of this plant you should keep It’s soil moist. You should use filtered water at room temperature and make sure to not over water your peace lily. Also, Peace lily should be kept in a well-lit room but not under direct sunlight. Lastly, make sure to keep children and pets away from it as it contains calcium oxalate which can cause respiratory problems for them.


2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Another important addition to this list of indoor house plants is aloe vera. You can not only use this plant to spruce up your living room but also make use of its therapeutic properties. You can use the gel from the aloe vera and apply it on cuts and bruises for instant relief. Aloe vera should be placed under bright artificial light. This plant doesn’t require water every day. Just water it till the soil is moist. Then water again only when soil is dry.


3. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Also, known as Mother-in-law’s tongue, is yet another wonderful choice for your living room. Snake Plant is native to Africa. It is a great plant that helps in removing the harmful pollutants present in the air, thus filtering the indoor air. According to Feng Shui, Snake plants can also bring good luck for your home. So if you want to keep a snake plant in your home, you should ensure to take good care of it. Snake plants should be kept in bright light but not under direct sunlight. There is no need to water it daily.

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4. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

A popular succulent native to South Africa, Jade plants are very popular in indoor lifestyle. This plant has thick leaves which are round and oval in shape. Jades require indirect bright light. Keeping them under direct sunlight can harm its leaves, by turning its color from green to red. Jades should be watered regularly. But, in winters, ensure to water them once a month only. What makes jade a good addition in your home is that according to Feng Shui this plant can bring wealth to you.


5. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Spider Plant, also known as spider ivy have long, thick light green leaves. This pretty plant also blossoms white flowers in summer. So, these green leaves with white flowers will bring vibrancy to your home. The beauty of this plant can be exhibited by planting them in hanging pots/baskets or simply planting them in a white ceramic pot. Spider plants also don’t require a lot of care. Like most indoor plants you should avoid placing them under direct sunlight. Spider plants don’t grow well in chlorine water, so it is best that you water it using distilled or rain water.


6. Peperomia Plant

Peperomia Plant

If you are a complete beginner in planting, but still want to keep a plant or two in house for décor, then Peperomia is a perfect choice for you. This is because Peperomia requires very little maintenance. To ensure it grows healthy and green, ensure to place it under medium light. You also need not water peperomia regularly. But, it’s important that the soil it’s planted in isn’t too wet.


7. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo plants are considered to be one of the top choices for indoor house planting. According to Feng Shui and Vastu, bamboos are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to you and your family. That is why this plant also makes one of the top gifting choices. To take care of the bamboo plant, place it in a brightly lit area. You should clean the bamboo container and provide fresh water once a week.

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8. Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palms have become quite popular recently in home decor and indoor gardening. The interesting fact about this beautiful plant is that it may look like a small palm tree but is a succulent. The long thin leaves of ponytail palm will surely glitz up your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any part of the house.


9. African Violet

African Violet

African Violets are pretty indoor plants that flower violet, white and purple blossoms over the year, provided you take good care of them. African violets thrive well in a bright light area. If you plan to decorate your home with these, you should know that the plant doesn’t require a lot of water, just watering enough to keep the soil slightly wet is sufficient. Also, make sure to repot your plants if their leaves start wilting.


10. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese plant, also known as coin plant for its round-shaped leaves, has become one of the trendy indoor plants. So, if you choose a coin plant to add lavish to your home, make sure that you water them regularly and keep these under warm temperature in a brightly lit room.

Here were some of the best and prettiest indoor plants which are super easy to take care for. You can decorate your homes with these ravishing plants and also gift them to your friends and family to bless them with good luck and make their day. If you are thinking of giving your entire home a makeover from top to bottom, then check our top interior designer in Chennai, Pune and various cities.


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