Top 30 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations of India

Wedding is the time of love, harmony, and unity, which one celebrate with their family and friend. But after the wedding comes Honeymoon to strengthen the bond of your love and enjoy some remarkable time with the love of your life. India is a fantastic location for honeymooners as all of the subcontinent is blended in with magnificence, energy, and sentiment. India has all that makes it the ideal spot for a recently hitched couple to begin the new chapter of life. India has places that serve a wide range of couples with charm, perhaps you are an adventure seeker, luxury lover, or in search of serenity, India brings everything to the table. There is everything in India, including the vast sea and tranquil backwater, historical cities, and secretive mountains that make for quite interesting and fascinating destinations in the country. The love bird can design an astonishing vacation trip at these amazing honeymoon locations. Here you can find out about the best honeymoon destinations in India.


The OG locations of Honeymoon

These are some of the OG locations of Honeymooners; these are the locations the elders in our house went to after their marriage. These are the places your parents went to, and the chances are your kid might go there as well; these beautiful locations got some charm that has been attracting tourists of all sorts for years. This list has a destination for everyone, from those seeking solemn serenity to those wanting to be a part of the life-size party.




Manali is an excellent Hill station in the Himalayan region, which draws in couples from everywhere in the country. It is a very notable spot that is also profoundly famous among couples as a fabulous Honeymoon Destination in India.




You can never choose wrong in your decision with a place like Shimla and the connecting, Kufri for a Honeymoon in India. The incidentally heartfelt and enchanted Shimla is famous among the new couple as a Honeymoon destination in India that did not require us to elaborate to you.




The territory of Goa is loaded up with immaculate seashores, tasteful cafés, and unforgettable trips.. Goa conveys its very own heartfelt energy with a hint of metropolitan style that draws in a couple from everywhere India.




Indeed, Ooty is one of the most valued locations of Tamil Nadu, known for its serenity, remarkable excellence, extravagant scenery, and enchanting Places for Honeymoon in India.




Nothing can beat Jaipur when it comes to royalty as it never fails to give you a rich treatment through its various posts, royal residences, and extravagant resorts. Ideal for a lavish heartfelt visit, the all things considered and socially rich ‘Pink City’ absolutely makes an incredible spot for an after-wedding romantic trip.




What better way for starting the new chapter of your wedded life than at the real “symbol of love,” i.e., the Taj Mahal? Agra Tourism owes its success to the marble tomb as well as various incredible attractions like Fatehpur Sikri, which makes Agra worth visiting once.




The actual presence of this Himalayan diamond is something exceptionally adoring and delightful. Bound with adoration and sentiment in each niche and corner, this phenomenal Hill station is the top Honeymoon choice of couples in India.




The upbeat climate of the location is essentially infectious that draws vacationers from the nation and abroad to enjoy some time off from the generally hot Indian summer. Come winters, the snow-loaded magnificence of Mussoorie takes a radiant structure transforming it into a work of art of a Honeymoon Place in India.




One more diamond from inside the state of Maharashtra, Lonavala, and Khandala are twin hill resorts that are exceptionally viewed as heartfelt. With unbelievable scenery and unprecedented encounters that you can share here, it absolutely makes a marvelous spot to start the joyful journey for your hitched life.




Kashmir has stayed one of India’s best wedding destinations for quite a while now, and Srinagar demonstrates why this has been so. A shikara ride in the Dal Lake in the evening will fill the air with romance and can take a moment very sensually. Visit the brilliant Mughal gardens and fill your wedding trip with loads of emotions!

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The recent choice of new couples

With the changing of time, the new couples of India and the world have realized that India has many other places that can be romantic, exciting, and a little crowded. These places have recently gained their fame and are on their way to becoming next-generation OG honeymoon destinations. These places might not be as famous as the places given in the list above but let us assure you that they are equally aww-inspiring.


Andaman & Nicobar Islands:

Andaman Nicobar Islands

Situated on the most peaceful pair of islands on the planet, Port Blair is an ideal Honeymoon objective in India for every one of the exceptional couples. This Island is the wedding trip objective for the bold ones and brings a great deal to the table them. From scuba jumping to swimming, this Island has all that you couldn’t want anything more than to do as a team and will just carry you two closer.


Lakshadweep Island:

Lakshadweep Island

Lakshadweep Island is the new trendy honeymoon destination in India. Filled with various activities and exotic locations that you can enjoy in the nation, Lakshadweep Island makes certain to make your little heartfelt escape as wonderful as possible!




Auli is Specked with apple plantations, oaks, and deodars; Auli is a famous hill station known for skiing and other snow games. Auli is probably the best spot in India to appreciate snow; it is close to the heart of honeymooners.




Shillong has a couple of lovely hotels where you can partake in an astonishing vacation. Go out for some fun in the enticing scenery, click photographs and simply partake in the adoration for one another in this delightful Hill station of Meghalaya.




The brilliant seashores combined with certain lavish sunsets make Pondicherry one is the Best Honeymoon Places in India. Nothing is more heartfelt than going for a long stroll on the immaculate Paradise beach and Auroville as the sun goes down.




Khajjiar is one more stunning vacation place in India! Situated in the pleasant Chamba valley, Khajjiar houses three environments a lake, green fields, and thick woods. Affectionately known as the small Switzerland of India, this spot is essentially made for an affordable honeymoon with your other half.




This spot is known as the Scotland of East India due to many reasons. Sprinkled with rich heavenly hills, delightful culture, and extraordinary places of interest, Cherrapunjee cannot be left out. The always raining village and the forever blossoming jungles provide this location a title of the wettest spot in the whole world.


Daman and Diu:

Daman and Diu

Situated close to the port of Veraval, Diu is a little island that was before a Portuguese state and is currently encircled by seashores in general. It is a simple escape from the urban communities of Maharashtra and Gujarat, making it an agreeable honeymoon spot in India.




One of the most beautiful spots in the North East, Gangtok has been discovered a little late as one of the famous honeymoon places in India. Sikkim gives the ideal vibe that is required. It likewise brings a great deal to the table to the nature lovers; adventure like traveling and rock climbing keep the lovely couple engaged. The trolley ride can end up being the most heartfelt thing on the trip as you rise the snow-shrouded mountains.



 Leh Ladakh

Lying amidst the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges with delightful attractions to visit and fantastic scenes, Ladakh is genuinely a paradise on Earth. Your vacation in Leh-Ladakh will be very much a journey that you will forever remember. While you have arrived, you can not miss the sunrise from the Pangong Tso. Setting up camp close to the Pangong lake could be one of the most heart-warming moments of your wedded life.


The off-beat location for Honeymooners

If you and your partner are enthusiastic travelers, then you must be trying to find a location that you haven’t explored yet, and good for you India is a big country, and many of its locations are yet to be explored by tourists. You can visit any of the unique honeymoon locations listed below and enjoy the intimate and passionate time with the love of your life.




This location is situated in Karnataka and is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. It consists of many ruined temples that give the whole city an aesthetic look. Dotted with carved monuments from antiquated times, Hampi is an uncommon yet similarly alluring spot to partake in your Honeymoon vacation.

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North Kerala:

North Kerala

Kerala is seriously well known as a famous Honeymoon city in In Kerala, especially Wayanad, Bekal, and Silent Valley, is an arising name as an off-beat place for Honeymoon in India for those looking for protection and harmony.




Khajuraho is among the most renowned authentic spots in India. Nonetheless, it is yet to be accepted as a honeymoon location. The sculptures, carvings, and fine art portraying sentiment and exotic nature and the various statuettes reflecting adoration and excellence will make the new love sprout in full energy.




Assuming you are searching for a break from customary vacation locations, Tawang is an optimal choice. Roosted at 10,000 feet, this entrancing location in Arunachal Pradesh will welcome you with brilliant monasteries, gompas, and picturesque environmental factors which will make your romantic Honeymoon more swoon-worthy.




Astounding recollections of dozing under the stars or in a comfortable homestay in Chirmiri top will follow you. Those Instagram-click-worthy shots will work great at making all your followers jealous!




Want a trip to backwaters and a ride in perhaps the prettiest houseboat? What could be a preferred spot over Alleppey in Kerala, God’s Own Country? There is no question that Alleppey, otherwise called Alappuzha, is one of India’s most mind-blowing wedding trip places. You can find the unmistakable seashores and arrange a spa meeting with your soulmate to loosen up after all the touring. Ensure that you bring your camera as you will probably observe the greenest and most lovely places.




The Sundarbans National Park, one of India’s most amazing public parks, is a rich green stretch of mangrove woodland by the River Ganga. Cruising in the speedboats and going through the night in backwoods lodges make Sundarban Forest one of India’s most mind-blowing vacation locations. However, the recreation area stays open from September to March; the best and ideal opportunity to visit is November to February since tigers are seen sunbathing on the banks in these months.




Kalimpong offers strange excellence and is considered one of the crazy honeymoon locations in India. The peacefulness and enchanting encompassing have made this grand hill station an ideal heartfelt escape.


Yumthang Valley:

Yumthang Valley

Yumthang Valley offers stunning magnificence and is a picture wonderful however unique vacation location in India. Famously known as the ‘bowl of flowers,’ this pleasant chasm gives you the plentiful degree to partake in the conjugal euphoria that you are searching for. For the best treatment to the eyes, visit this radiant spot between March and June end.


Anamalai Trail:

Anamalai Trail

Cuddled at the Anamalai Hills, Topslip is a reviving and rich green natural life safe-haven. Situated by the Anamalai Mountain Range, Valparai is described by rich and extensive woodlands, great valleys, and sizzling lakes. This heavenly stretch of land is a contiguous Parambikulam Tiger Reserve that brags of its serenity, wealth, and sorcery.



There is no question that India has its own appeal for enticing love between two individuals who have recently started the new phase of their lives. The top Honeymoon destinations in India offer the best perspectives and the ideal setting for a heartfelt endeavor. While the vast majority of them are beautiful, there are also a few spots for adrenaline junkie couples. We have prepared this list of top Honeymoon places in India after considering each and every kind of couple and the activities those couples could be seeking. The excellence of spending Honeymoon in India is you get to encounter an assorted way of life. India has the absolute best-budgeted Honeymoon destination in India. So, if you are looking for a place with pocket-friendly prices, then India is the best place for that as you can find luxury and affordable services like food, hotels and resorts, etc., in the country. With astonishing choices, you can unquestionably track down a heartfelt spot to invest some quality time with your lover. Thus, gather your bags and book tickets to these spots to have the best encounters of your life.


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