What is Moving Insurance: Types of Moving Insurance and How to Claim?

What is Moving Insurance

Whether you are moving from one city to another or relocating to another country, moving is always hectic. You are always worried about your furniture, goods, and other items during the moving process. But, some unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, bad weather conditions, or earthquakes may damage some of your possessions. So, before moving to another location, you can ask for moving insurance from your packers and movers team.


What is Moving Insurance?

Moving insurance is a service provided by a packers and movers company. They protect your goods such as furniture, heavy appliances, and other goods during transit. When you take moving insurance, the moving team covers the damage on your items during accidents, theft, or other unforeseen events. You can avail moving insurance from professional packers and movers in Delhi, Pune, Chennai, and all over the country to avoid financial loss during your home relocation.


Moving Insurance: What are its Types?

Moving companies provide two types of relocation insurance: declared value insurance coverage and full value insurance coverage.


1. Declared Value Insurance Coverage

Declared Value Insurance Coverage

As the name suggests, you have to give the actual value of your insured possessions under this type of insurance coverage. The moving company will compensate for the insured items by replacing or paying for the damages. This type of insurance doesn’t cost you extra fees.

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2. Full Value Insurance Coverage

Full Value Insurance Coverage

The moving company will repair or replace items insured against damaged or lost possessions. You have to pay a certain sum to your moving company to avail this insurance.


Things to Keep In Mind before Claiming For Insurance

Things to Keep In Mind before Claiming For Insurance


Before claiming moving insurance, you must go through the points below to ensure that you are well prepared.

1. Choose the right packers and movers

The first step in relocation is finding the best moving company that provides relocation to your new home. You should contact them and ask about the moving insurance they cover and their procedure to claim it.


2. List of items to be shipped

Once you have finalized your relocation company and chosen the moving insurance, you should provide the relocation team a list of all the things to be packed and their value for the insurance claim.


3. Important paperwork

Do the necessary paperwork required to claim insurance for moving goods later on. You may ask the moving company about the documents needed for the same. It can be ID proof, address proof, etc. Also, submit photographs of essential items for the insurance claim if required.


4. Insurance coverage

Ask your moving company what all damages will cover. Sometimes your household items and other goods can be damaged during mishandling. You can ask the relocation company if they cover this.


5. Claim insurance within the time period

If you find some of your items missing or damaged after relocation, you should ask for an insurance claim within fourteen days of the transit. Otherwise, your claim will be rejected.


Moving House Insurance: How to Claim?

Moving House Insurance

When your goods have finally reached your new home, but you notice that some of your possessions are in damaged condition, then here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Submit old photographs with the latest photographs proving which item has been damaged during transit.
  2. You should also submit an invoice of the lost or damaged items to the moving company.
  3. Your packers and movers company will then reply to you within seven days.
  4. If the relocation company accepts your claim, you should fill out the insurance claim form and send it to the company within fourteen days.
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Frequently Asked Questions: Moving Insurance


1. What is third-party moving insurance?

The third-party insurance provider will ensure that the moving company safely delivers your possessions to your new location. In case of any miss happenings, it will insure the loss or damage during the relocation.


2. What does full value insurance coverage cost?

Full value moving insurance can cost around one or two percent of the value of your goods. Different relocation companies have their own costs.


3. Is transit insurance necessary?

Yes, if you want to your items to be delivered safely to your new home, you must insure your goods. This way, even if any of the items get damaged during transit, you can claim compensation or replacement covered by transit insurance.


4. How does moving insurance work?

If your goods are missing or damaged, the moving company will replace the good with a similar value or provide cash settlement.


5. What are movers responsible for?

The packers and movers are responsible for handling your goods with care from the process of packing, transit, to unpacking.


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