When Is the Right Time to Hire Pest Control Services – Pest Infestation Signs

We all agree that pests cause trouble once they enter our homes. Pests like rats and mice damage our goods, cockroaches and ants ruin our food items, and other bugs like termites and mosquitoes bite us. Most pests are also dangerous as they can spread germs and cause diseases. If you face a bug or rodent infestation and have no idea how to solve this problem, then you may need professional assistance. Keep reading to know when to hire a pest exterminator.


Identify the Signs of Pest Infestation

Before hiring professional rodent and insect exterminators, first check for signs of infestation in your house. Here is a simple guide to pest infestation signs:

1. Nesting


Once the rodents or insects enter your home, they make nests for breeding with any material they find in your home. In the case of pesky rodents, you will find shredded fabric and papers in some corners of your home. You may also find leaves and small twigs in some parts of your room


2. Physical damage to household goods

Physical damage to household goods

Another sign of pest infestation is when your household items are damaged. Check for signs of gnawed marks on cables and furniture. You should also check your kitchen pantry and plants for insect trails for cockroaches or ants. Check the condition of the wooden furniture in your home, as damaged wooden items can be a sign of termite infestation.

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3. Droppings


If there is a major bug or rodent infestation in your house, you will notice droppings in some corners of your home. If you see tiny black and shiny pellets, these are fresh rat or mouse droppings. Ensure to check for these in kitchen areas and other room parts and clean these immediately. If you see dark rusty-looking spots in your home, bedbug excrements show infestation. Cockroaches also leave tiny eggshells in hidden cracks, so check for those.


4. Sounds and smells

Sounds and smells

Is any of your room smelling like ammonia or urine and you hear scratching and pattering noises at night? This could be because a rat or mouse is in your house. Bedbugs also have a musty and sweet smell, indicating their presence in your room.


When to Hire Professional Pest Control?

If you notice any of the indications of pest infestation mentioned above in your home, this could mean a severe pest infestation. You can try some home remedies for a quick and straightforward resolution, such as vinegar solution for ants, sticky traps for rodents, etc., but sometimes these cannot be enough if the pest problem is recurring. So, you should hire a professional pest exterminator service when you feel like the home remedies do not affect the pests. You can ask for a reference for the best and most experienced home pest control companies from your friends or neighbors or even search on the web to find the best ones. You must solve the pest infestation problem as soon as possible because these are carriers of various diseases and germs.

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Eradicating pests is essential as they can spread numerous diseases in your house. You must keep your family safe by hiring pest control services in Kolkata, Chennai, Bhopal, or wherever you live. Keep the troublesome pests at bay by following preventive measures like cleaning your home daily and getting rid of any dirt or clutter.


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