Things to Do Before & After Pest Control Treatment in Your Home!!!

So you have decided to hire a pest control company to treat the nasty pests in your home. That’s a good decision as removing pests on your own can be quite the hassle, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. But, you must also prepare your house for pest control in advance so that when the pest control techs come, no time is wasted during the pest treatment process.


What to do Before Pest Control?

Following are the ways to prepare your home before a pest control service:

1. Take Notes Of Pests

Take Notes Of Pests

After you hire a home pest control service, you must note all the areas where you have seen roaches, ants, mice, etc. Pests like to hide, and it may not be easy to spot them when the pest controllers arrive. So, if there is an infestation of cockroaches, then make a note of places you have seen them, such as the bathroom, kitchen sink, etc. So that no spot goes unmissed during pest control treatment


2. Store All Food Items Away

Store All Food Items Away

If you have any food items lying around, you should pack them in containers and keep them away during the pest control treatment. All utensils, food items such as fruits and vegetables, and pantry items should be covered or removed from the kitchen if pest control treatment is being done there.

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3. Move Furniture and Appliances

Move Furniture and Appliances

Before pest control, it is important to either cover the furniture and electronic appliances such as tv, washing machine, refrigerator, toaster, microwave, etc. You do not want the pest control chemicals and other liquid repellants to be sprayed on your furniture or appliances, causing any damage.


4. Small Children and Babies

Small Children and Babies

If you have small children or a baby in the house, you must have someone take care of them in a separate room during the pest control treatment is in process. The pest control company you hire may use some fumigants or chemicals that may be harmful to small children. So, to be safe, have a family member or close relative babysit your kids for a day.


5. Pets


Before the pest control service, you must relocate pets in a separate room or at neighbors’ or close ones for their safety. If you have a birdcage or a fish tank, then cover it with an old towel or old bedsheets.


6. Kitchen Area

Kitchen Area

Before receiving the treatment, you must clear out the garbage. Clear everything from the kitchen slab, drawers, etc. Remove all cookware, plates, cutlery, and other items and place them somewhere away. The pest control technicians will likely use pesticide spray on the cupboards, drawers, and other storage places in the kitchen.


7. Bathroom


If you have hired a pest control company for cockroach control for your bathroom, it’s best to empty it. You must remove your toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, floss, shaving kit, loofah, soaps, and other items before the treatment so that it doesn’t get spoiled.


What to do After Pest Control Treatment?

After the pest control treatment is over, the following are the things you should do to get rid of pests:

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1. Let the Pest Control Products Work

Let the Pest Control Products Work

Once the pest control treatment of your house is then, let it dry. The product, once dry, is safe for you. Don’t start cleaning anything immediately, but just let the product do its work.


2. Discard Affected Food

Discard Affected Food

It would be best to remove all food and other edible items away before the pest treatment. But, if any food item gets left out, you much throw it out as it would have been affected by the pest control solution.


3. Check Infected Areas

Check Infected Areas

Sometimes, the pests are too stubborn to get rid of, so chances are they come back. So, you must keep checking the infected areas for pests.


4. Keep Your House Clean

Keep Your House Clean

You may have opted for a professional pest removal service, but don’t forget to keep your clean and clutter-free as the pests are most attracted to dirt. They can come again after some time. So, maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Pests are a huge nuisance as they can damage your belongings, mess, and even cause harmful diseases. So, it is very crucial to keep them away from your home. Getting rid of pests by yourself can be difficult. You can consider hiring pest control in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, etc., or the city where you live to get rid of the pests at an affordable price.


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