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which smells will help keep mice away

No doubt the rodents are much more than a pain when you have to deal with them in your house. Mice are part of rodent families and are recognized with large tails, rounded ears, and long mouths. When they enter your house, they can cause damages to your stuff, carry in fleas from outside, contaminate the surfaces, and chew through electrical wiring. Very few people know that mice have a keen sense of smell that is much stronger than humans. There are also some scents which they don’t like and you can use this trick to ward off these pesky little critters from your home. This is one of the cheap and easy ways to keep them away from your threshold. So, let’s have a look at some of the scents hated by mice. So check out 5 scents that keep mice away from your surroundings.


1. Cinnamon


The mice hate its strong spicy aroma. Mice are strongly opposed to this smell. So you can grab the stick or powder of cinnamon and place it on the place where you see the mice mostly. Along with repelling mice, it also gives a fresh aroma to your home.


2. Peppermint Oil


Another scent hated by mice is peppermint oil. You can use it with a cotton ball. Just dip a cotton ball into it and dab on the places where you notice the problem. It also smells good for the house and keeps the mice away.

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3. Vinegar


This strong smell helps to keep away many creatures; mice are not exceptional. Its aroma is quite sour, and it’s impossible to cover your area fully with vinegar. So mix some water in the vinegar and spray on the places where you see mice and also on the places where they are expected to go.


4. Teabags


This household item is another savior which prevents the mice. You simply have to make tea and place the tea bags in corners of your home. It will work to get rid of mice. Since tea has a strong smell, it can be very helpful in getting rid of these pests.


5. Red Chilli Pepper

red chilli pepper

Red chili pepper has a strong smell which mice despise. The strong and irritating smell of this can prevent the mice quickly. You can mix the red chili pepper in water and then spray it over the nooks and crannies of your home. This smell will irritate them, and they will never return to that place. It is an effective smell that prevents rodents.


So, the above are some easy ways to prevent mice from entering your home. If the mice infestation is out of hand, it will be better to consult online pest control services. You can book these services through This online portal will help you find the best pest control services in Mumbai Bangalore, Chennai, etc. Through their professional service, you can get affordable and quick solution for rodent/mice/rat control.

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