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Indian Weddings

indian Wedding

Indian weddings are usually an extravagant and splendid events. Celebrated over a span of a week on a scale as large as any other festival, weddings in any family mark almost a month of preparation. Weddings in India are distinguished on the basis of religion and regions. However, the enjoyment, fun and feel of celebration is common in every Indian wedding. The once in a lifetime function includes many traditions, customs, dance, music and food. Weddings are the most awaited event and occasion in the family. It is the time to reunite with entire family. Marriage ceremonies are normally accompanied by dance and music and a lavish cuisine. Decor also plays a impeccable role in Indian wedding as it a way to display one's riches and status. Rituals and traditions make an important part of the wedding ceremony. Rituals and customs followed in Indian weddings differ on the basis of the region, religion and culture of bride and groom. The traditions and customs make wedding a fun filled event. Celebrations associated with Indian weddings makes them one of the most admired and enjoyed functions in the world. The experience of attending a wedding in India is a treasured memory.

Explore some fascinating facts related to various Indian Marriages. Get valuable insight to various interesting rites and ceremonies performed at wedding functions in India. Here is some exciting detail on weddings of different religions and communities in India. Relish the experience. . .

Bengali Wedding
Bengali weddings include some enticing ceremonies like Adan Pradan and Paka Dekha.

Catholic Wedding
A traditional Catholic wedding involves a touch of style and beauty..

Gujarati Wedding
A Gujarati wedding is one of the most celebrated weddings in the world. It involves a gala of dance, fun and customs.

Kannada Wedding
Kannada Weddings are relatively simple but joyful affair. There is a surprising contrast in rituals.

Kashmiri Wedding
The graceful Kashmiri weddings include amazing ceremonies like Livun, Wanwun and Maanziraat.

Maharashtrian Wedding
Maharashtrian Wedding are colorful and pleasured celebrations involving some astounding ceremonies.

Malyalee Wedding
Malyalee Weddings showcase a rich blend of ceremonies and rituals.

Marwari Wedding
Marwari Weddings include loving ceremonies like Saptapadi.

Parsi Wedding (Lagan)
Parsi Weddings are a relishing treat of amazing rituals and ceremonies.

Muslim Wedding (Nikaah)
Muslim Wedding have a gentle touch of elegance and simplicity.

Punjabi Wedding
Punjabi Weddings are the most celebrated functions in the world. A grand carnival of relatives and friends marks this gala festival like celebration.

Sikh Wedding
Sikh Weddings involve great decency and holy union of two souls.

Sindhi Wedding
Sindhi Weddings have most enjoyable ceremonies like Mehendi and Ladies Sangeet .

Tamilian Wedding
Tamil Weddings involve simple rites and ceremonies performed in an organized and elegant manner.

Telugu Wedding
Telugu Wedding involve devoting ceremonies like Ganesh and Gauri pooja.