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About Christianity :
Christianity is a monotheistic religion centered on the life, teaching, and actions of Jesus of Nazareth, known by Christians as Jesus Christ, as recounted in the New Testament. The origin of Christianity is intertwined with Judaism, with which it shares much sacred text and early history; specifically, it shares the Hebrew Bible, known in the Christian context as the Old Testament. Christianity is considered an Abrahamic religion, along with Judaism and Islam.

Beliefs : The central teachings of traditional Christianity are:
  • Holy Trinity: This symbolizes God is one single eternal being who exists as three distinct, eternal, and indivisible persons - Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost).
  • Messiah: Most Christians identify Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah who was promised in the Old Testament Bible prophecy.
  • Jesus Christ as God and man: This says that Jesus is both fully God (divine) and fully human.
  • Crucifixion and Resurrection: This means that Jesus died on the Cross, rose from the dead, and ascended into Heaven after appearing to his disciples, most notably to the Apostles.
  • Crucifixion and Resurrection: This means that Jesus died on the Cross, rose from the dead, and ascended into Heaven after appearing to his disciples, most notably to the Apostles.
  • Second Coming: This is the belief in the "General Resurrection", in which all people who have ever lived will rise from the dead at the end of time, to be judged by Christ when He returns.
  • The Afterlife: Most Christians hold that one's consciousness, the soul, survives the death of the physical body.
Founder : Jesus Christ

Time of Origin : About 2000 years ago

Place of Origin : Palestine

Population : Christianity is the world's largest religion with an estimated 2.1 billion followers.

Regional Spread : hristians predominates in Europe and the Americas. Besides, it is claimed that followers of Christianity are present in virtually every country of the world.

Chief Idols : Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Divisions in Christianity : Christianity is the general religion with three main divisions - Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Eastern. Protestantism has the most denominations while Roman and Eastern Orthodox Churches seem to have fewer denominations.

Religious Texts : All Christian churches accept the authority of the Bible, including the Old Testament and the New Testament. And while Jews see the Torah as the most important part of the Bible, most Christians regard the Gospels, which tell of the life and teachings of Jesus, as central.

Sacred Symbols : The best-known Christian symbol is the cross, of which many varieties exist. Other Christian symbols include the ichthys (fish) symbol, or in ancient times, an anchor.

Food Habits : Most Christians are omnivores and have no moral or religious objection to eating meat of any kind, though some fast on Fridays or during Lent mainly for spiritual reasons. Some Christians are demi-vegetarian, vegetarian or vegan - for ethical or religious reasons. Most base their practice on the other main biblical insight derived from Genesis 1.29 that depicts vegetarianism as God's original will.

Marriage Preference : Christians prefer marriage with Christians within their division. If one of the two is not a Christian marriage is licit only if the permission of the competent authority of the Church is obtained. Love marriages are more common that arranged marriages in Christian society. Normally all Christian wedding are celebrated in a Church.

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