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Jewish Wedding

jewish wedding

Most Jewish celebrations (marriage, circumcision, bar mitzvah, etc.) are followed by a dinner to honor the occasion. At this meal all guests participate in the Mitzvah of "L'Sameach Choson v'Kallah," to celebrate in joy with the groom and bride. Although the wedding feast in itself is a mitzvah, the emphasis is on entertaining the newlyweds. By dancing around the Choson and Kallah, the community expresses its support for the couple. As a part of the Jewish people, they never need fear facing life alone. As a mitzvah, it is to be taken seriously.

The Talmud relates many instances where the greatest of our sages have set aside their diligent non-interrupted study of Torah for the sake of merry-making at a wedding. In accordance with Jewish law, men and women dance separately, in different rooms or in the same area separated by a "Mechitzah" (divider) for reasons of "Tznius" (modesty). This is one of the strong virtues binding a husband and wife, enhancing each other's uniqueness.

At the end of the Seudas Mitzvah (festive meal), "Grace After Meals" is recited, and the Sheva Berachos (seven blessings) recited under the chuppah are once again repeated.