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Diwali Laxmi Puja Aarti

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The auspicious festivities of Diwali festival is marked on the third day of celebrations with Laxmi Puja. Laxmi Puja day falls on the dark night of Amavasya. This day of Diwali celebrations is a very important Occasions as it is completely devoted to invoke Goddess Laxmi and to seek her blessings. Goddess Laxmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and according to the famous mythological legend on the very day of Diwali Goddess Laxmi emerged out of the Kshir Sagar (ocean of milk) during the great churning of the oceans (Samudra Manthan).

In the Hindu families Goddess Laxmi is revered as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity and is prayed upon to seek blessings and good fortune for all family members. On the eve of Diwali festival Laxmi Puja is the main event that is performed with great devotion by the devotees.
Laxmi Puja ceremony starts with the placement of Goddess Laxmi idol on a raised platform. Then Pooja lamps are lit in front of the Laxmi idol and then special offerings, flowers, rice with kumkum is offered during the chantings of Laxmi puja mantras. Finally Laxmi Aarti is performed in a peaceful environment. Here are the two Laxmi Puja Aarti with their significance.

Maa Lakshmi Aarti
Jai lakshmi maataa, Maiyaa jaya lakshmi maataa
Tumako nishadina dhyaavata, Hara vishnu vidhaataa

Brahmaanii, rudraanii, kamalaa, Tuuhii hai jaga maataa
Suurya chandramaa dhyaavata, Naarada rishi gaataa

Durgaa ruupa nirantara, sukha sampati daataa
Jo koi tumako dhyaavata, riddhi siddhi dhana paataa

Tuuhii hai paataala basantii, Tuuhii shubha daataa
Karma prabhaava prakaashaka, Jaganidhi ke traataa

Jisa ghara mein tuma rahatii, saba sadaguna aataa
Kara sake koii kara le, mana nahin ghabaraataa

Tuma bina yagya na hove, Vastra na koii paataa
Khaana paana kaa vaibhava, Saba tumase hii aataa

Shubha guna mandira sundara, Kshirodadhi jaataa
Ratana chaturdasha tuma hii, Koii nahiin paataa

Aartii lakshmii jii kii, Jo koii nara gaataa
Ura aananda umanga ati, Paapa utara jaataa

The Lakshmi Aarti Jai Lakshmi the most common Aarti that is performed in the Diwali Puja celebration. This Aarti praises goddess Laxmi in different revered forms as mother of the whole universe and also as the consort of the great trinity of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva. In this puja Aarti the holy blessings of Goddess Lakshmi is sought for the happiness, prosperity and peace among all.
The Universal Aarti
Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare, Swami Jaya Jagadheesha Hare
Bhakta janonke sankat, Bhakta janonke sankat Kshan me door kare
Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare

Jo dhyave phal pave, Dhukh bin se man ka
Swami dhukh bin se man ka, Sukha sampati Ghar ave
Sukha sampati Ghar ave, Kasht mite tan ka
Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare

Mata pita tum mere, Sharan padum mi kis ki
Swami sharan padum mi kis ki, Tum bina aur na dooja
Tum bina aur na dooja, Asha karum mi kis ki
Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare

Tum pooran Paramatma, Tum Antaryami
Swami Tum Antaryami, Parabrahma Parameshwara
Parabrahma Parameshwara, Tum sab ke Swami
Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare

Tum karuna ke sagar, Tum palan karta
Swami Tum palan karta, Mi sevak tum swami
Mi sevak tum swami, Kripa karo bharta
Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare

Tum ho ek agochar, Sab ke pranapati
Swami sab ke pranapati, Kis vidhi miloom dayamaya
Kisi vidhi miloom dayamaya, Tum ko mi kumati
Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare

Deena bandhu dukh harta, Tum rakshak mere
Swami tum rakshak mere, Apane hast uthavo
Apane hast uthavo, Dwar khada mi tere
Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare

Vishaya vikar mithavo, Pap haro deva
Swami pap haro deva, Shraddha bhakti badhavo
Shraddha bhakti badhavo, Santan ki seva
Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare

Tan man dhan sab kuch hi tera, Swami sab kuch hi tera
Tera tujh ko arpan, Tera tujh ko arpan
Kya lage mera,Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare

Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare, Swami Jaya Jagadheesha Hare
Bhakta janonke sankat, Bhakta janonke sankat
Kshan me door kare, Om Jaya Jagadheesha Hare

The Aarti Om, Jaya Jagdheesha the most commonly sung aarti in praise of Lord Vishnu, who is the supreme God of the entire universe. This Aarti is also known as the Universal Aarti and sung during pooja ceremonies. With this Aarti devotees praise Lord Vishnu and seek mercy and blessings while surrendering themselves in Lord's feet. The Universal Aarti is performed for eradication of all material desires and removing all sins.

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