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Fairs In India

Fairs In India


India is a land of spectacular fairs and splendid celebrations. Spread over the entire nation and aving a large variety on the basis of region and terrain, famous Indian fairs always capture the centre stage when it comes to tourism. Even the tourists plan their trip to India in accordance to popular Indian fairs and festivals. The Indian culture's festive foundation lingers on till date due to deep-rooted traditions and customs in the country. The fairs and festivals are therefore the spirit of Indian culture and society.

Indian fairs and festivals either refresh the myths, parables, welcome the change of seasons or kneel down before the almighty. The major celebrations in India include holi, Diwali, pushkar mela, kumbh mela, goa fair (carnival), surajkund mela and many more. All these Indian fairs and festivals represent people from diverse backgrounds, regions, communities and religion. Explore a vast information resource on the multicoloured hues added to the Indian culture by these fairs and festivals.

Get detailed information related to important fairs in India with useful information on city, shopping, othr attractions, hotel accommodation etc. for a memorable fair tour to India.