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Occasions /Event Celebrations

This page of Surfindia is dedicated to the major events and Occasions in India which are celebrated with great joy, enthusiasm and even pride. Every month in India features an important Occasions like dawn of the New Year, day for taking pledge for protection of the Earth and its Environment, a day for the love birds called Valentines Day, and also there are days devoted to show feelings for the respected ones like Mother, Father, Teacher or the Friends. Alongwith these special Occasions in India there are days which are observed as national holidays in India like Republic Day and Independence Day. Here you can find out every necessary information about all these important days of India.

Gandhi Jayanti

2nd October is one of the most important days in India. Regarded as a national festival, Gandhi Jayanti marks the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday all over the country. The day is observed with great devotion and enthusiasm.

Mother's Day

9th May is celebrated every year as 'Mother's Day' to show deep feelings of love, care and respect for the Mother. Gifts are bought on this day to showcase ones affection for their mother. India also celebrates Mother's Day with lot of enthusiasm.

Women's Day

India celebrates Women's Day on 8th of March. There is a buzz in the air around Women's Day as shopping activities are also on a rise. Men buy all sorts of gifts to give to different women in their lives, acknowledging their love and affection towards them.

Valentine's Day

St Valentine's Day which is celebrated every year on 14th February, is the day to express love, care & respect and register a special place in the hearts of dear valentines. Follow the link to know more about this special day of the love birds.

Republic Day

26th January is the day on which India declared itself a Democratic Republic Nation with adoption of its constitution. Known as Republic Day, this day is observed as a national holiday and celebrated across the nation with great show of pride and joy.

Earth Day

To spread the awareness about the protection of our home planet Earth's environment for us and also for the generations to come, every year the Earth Day is observed twice on 20th March and 22nd April. Just follow the link provided here to know more about this Occasions of International importance.

World Environment Day

Brainchild of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the World Environment Day (WED) is an another Occasions of International importance that is observed every year on 05th June to generate awareness about the environment and have the political attention for the cause.

Father's Day

An another Occasions devoted to register special honour and deep regards to the dad, the Father's Day is marked every year on 15th June. Marked worldwide, this day is about showing one's thankfulness to the Father for his unconditional love and care.

Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August. On this day, friends enjoy each other's beloved company while recollecting the sweet memories of the time spent together. Alongwith the good wishes friends also exchange friendship bands and gifts to symbolise this day.

Independence Day

Independence Day is the day on which India gained freedom from the British rule on 15th August 1947. Observed as a national holiday, the Independence Day is an Occasions to rejoice the joy of breathing in the free air with high spirits of pride for the nation.

Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day in India is celebrated every year on 05th September to mark the birthday of its second President and great educationist Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. On Teachers Day, pupils express their respectful regards for the teachers.

New Year

Falls on the last day of the last month of a calendar year, New Year is an event which is celebrated worldwide with lots of merriments. As per Gregorian Calendar, the New Year Day falls on January 1 but in few countries the New Year is welcomed on various dates.