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New Year

New Year

New Year Day is one of the most warmly celebrated occasion across the globe. Celebrated on the last day of every calendar year, the New Year's Day is the time to say good bye to the year passed and welcome the coming year. Those countries in the world which follow the Gregorian calendar marks the onset of New Year on January 1. As New Year is the end of a whole calendar year and beginning of the another one, it is celebrated with so much merriments. Partying, gifts, feasting, lots of fire work alongwith the greetings of Happy New Year with joy and prosperity to the near and dear ones forms an integral part of New Year celebrations.

Origin of New Year Day

The history of New Year goes 2000 years back in the ancient Mesopotamia where the Egyptians and the Persians used to celebrate New Year on 15th March. The dates of celebrations of New Year Day in the month of march was based upon the Roman calendar and this day was also associated with the onset of spring season and the annunciation of Jesus christ. The Roman calendar was a lunar calendar consisting of ten months starting with the month of March. Roman emperor Julius Caesar announced January 1 as an official date for the the celebrations of New Year. Around 500 years later, the new calendar by Pope Gregory XIII was introduced that is known as Gregorian Calendar and adopted by most of the countries in the world. Gregorian Calendar is a solar calendar which starts from the month of January and have 365 days (366 days in a leap year) in full year.

New Year Eve

The tinkling of bells and jingles on Christmas Day, which is celebrated on 25th December every year, set the stage for another grand occasion of the night of December 31 called New Year's Eve. The New Year Eve is enjoyed with lots of fireworks, dancing and singing till the stroke of midnight to mark the beginning of new year. People greet each other with the warm wishes of Happy New Year and cutting of Cakes and enjoying the sips of champagne in the joy are among the main celebrations of the New Year Eve.

New Year's Day Across the World

Here is the list of dates on which New Year Day is celebrated in the different countries:

  • - On January 1 the New Year is celebrated in most of countries following the Gregorian calendar.
  • - Between 21st January and 21st February, Chinese & Vietnamese New Year is celebrated as per the appearance of the moon.
  • - The New Year in Tibet comes between January and March - Nowruz festival is the occasion celebrated as the New Year in Zoroastrianism.
  • - In Nepal, New Year Day is celebrated on the first day of the month of Vaisakh which as per the Gregorian calendar falls in the month of April.
  • - 13th to 15th April is the time of New Year in the Thailand, Combodia and Lao.

New Year's Day Across India

Every religion in India has their own ways and dates to celebrate New Year's Day which is observed as per their own calendars based on the appearance of sun and moon.

  • - As per the Hindu calendar the New Year starts in the month of March-April which is celebrated in the different state of India with various names and ways.
  • - 14th March (Baisakhi festival) is the New Year's Day for the followers of Sikhism as per the Sikh Nanakshahi Calendar. The same day is marked as the Bengali new year, Pohela Baisakh.
  • - Ugadi, meaning the start of the Telugu New Year, falls in the month of March-April and is marked in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The same day is known as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra state and as Cheti Chand for the Sindhis.
  • - 15th January is the day when the Indian state of Tamilnadu celebrates the harvest festival of Pongal.

New Year Celebrations

New Year is the most popular international occasion that since its inception, has transformed itself into a global socio-cultural event of merriments. People on the eve of New Year indulge into fun filled activities like dancing, singing, partying with near and dear ones till the midnight when the clock hits 12 and marks the beginning of new year. Everyone greets each other with the wishes of Happy New Year and sending greetings cards online, messaging new year greetings also form an integral part of New Year Celebrations in the modern days. Also people share their deep care and regards with their loved ones in form of gifts like flowers, chocolates and cakes.

There has been an ages old tradition of having New Year Resolution on January 1 which the people plans to fulfill in the coming year. Some of the most popular new year resolutions are to quit alcohol or smoking and starting good habits like losing weight, getting health conscious, being punctual and so on.

In the modern times various sources of media like television, newspaper, radio and magazines have started to wrap up the major events having an importance of national and international interest the of year passed.