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  • Ganesh Chaturthi Special: Why Modak is Loved by Lord Ganesha

    During this time of the year when the long and auspicious festival of Ganesh Chaturthi arrives, grandeur celebration begins all around with great fervor. People celebrate the festival in different ways and devotion and one thing that completes the festivity is the act of offering Modak to the Lord. But, one thing that most of us don't know is why Modak has been loved by Lord Ganesha. Read and know here below.


    Chanting loud the mantra of 'Ganpati Bappa Morya… Mangal Murti Morya…', we bring lord Ganesha home every year during Ganesh Chaturthi for ten days and celebrate the festival with great zeal and fervor. This year on 13th September, people in India will all again gather to celebrate this auspicious festival and on the 10th day, the clay idiol of Ganesha will be immersed in holy water. It's the time when Ganesha returns back to Mount Kailash.

    However, for the next ten days or for lesser when lord Ganesha is stationed and worshipped at home or office, Modak is something that he is been offered every day. Many still believe in offering modak sweet to the lord is a custom of the festival, but Modak is the favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha and that is the reason behind offering modak to lord and winning his heart during this time of merriment.


    And, for all those who are curious to know as how modak sweet became lord Ganesha's favourite thing to relish then here is a little story to know- 'Once during a battle with Parshuram, lord Ganesha's tooth was broken and he was suffering a bad time eating usual food because of the pain. It is then he was offered the soft Modak sweet by goddess Parvati to eat.' Since then modak sweet became lord's favourite delicacies to relish as –

    • It's an utterly delicious sweet.
    • Modak is very soft and easily melts in mouth.
    • Relishing Modak sweet is also a way to happiness and this is the reason that modak is also symbolized as the sweet of happiness.
    • Modak sweet is believed to be prepared by divine nectar.
    • Modak also resembles the shape of the universe. Thus, modak in hand of the lord resembles that he has the hold on the entire universe.

    Therefore, the most popular and easiest way to win Lord Ganesha's heart is by offering his favourite Modak sweet to him. In fact, it is also been believed that one who impresses lord by offering Modak, gets his/her prayers or desires answered by the lord.

    Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Ganesh Chaturthi!

    "Om Ganeshaye Namah"

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