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License Application

How to get a Driving Licence
There are two stages for obtaining a Driving License. First, to apply for a Learner's License and next for a Permanent License. Both the stages are discussed separately.

Learner's License
To obtain a Learner's License, the applicant should appear personally before the Licensing Authority. The following requirements has to be fulfilled by the applicant:
  • Application Form II (it is available with the department).
  • Fees of Rs. 15/- for each class of vehicle.
  • Age proof.
  • Residence proof.
  • Medical Certificate in form 1A wherever applicable. An application for a medical certificate (Form - IA) shall contain a declaration in Form - 1.
  • 3 recent passport size photographs of the applicant.
  • Applicant applying for Transport Vehicle Licence must produce his/her Permanent Driving Licence for Light Motor Vehicle at least for one year, medical certificate in form 1A and he/she should be minimum of 20 years old.
The applicant has to pass a test regarding basic traffic signs and driver's responsibilities. The license obtained is valid for a period of six months from the date of issue and is renewable for another period of six months, during its validity.
Permanent License
The application for Permanent License should be made in Form 4. The following documents are required while submission of the form:
  • Effective learner's licence to drive the vehicle of the type to which the application relates.
  • Appropriate fee as specified in Rule 32 (CMV RULES), for the test of competence to drive and issue of licence.
  • 3 copies of the applicant's recent passport size photographs.
  • Medical certificate in Form 1A wherever applicable. An application for a medical certificate (Form - IA) shall contain a declaration in Form - 1
  • A driving certificate in Form 5 in case of transport licence.
For obtaining a fresh driving licence the applicant has to undergo driving test of the relevent vehicle for which he/she has applied for and pass the test of competence to drive.
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