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Traffic Violations

Violation of traffic rules in India is punishable and so also violation of Provisions of Motor Vehicles Act.

Traffic Violations Law lead to punishment. The penalty can be a fine or even imprisonment. The violation can be overspeeding, racing in a public road, dangerous driving, drunken driving, unattended vehicle or any other act that is a hindrance to a smooth traffic. The following are few of the traffic violations according to the Motor Vehicle Act.
  • Driving a vehicle under the influence of liquor (Sec. 185 Motor Vehicle Act).
  • Driving without valid Driving Licence (See. 3 rd with Sec. 181, Motor Vehicle Act).
  • Driving at Speeds that exceed limits (Sec. 183, M.V.Act)
  • Driving with only one light in front (Rule 37 (xii) read with Sec. 177, Motor Vehicle Act).
  • Using dazzling lights (Rule 405 read with Sec. 197, M.V. Act).
  • Using the horns in a forbidden area (Rule 403 read with Sec. 177, Motor Vehicle Act).
  • Use of air horn / musical horn (Rule 402 Motor Vehicle Act).
  • Parking in no parking areas (Rule 37(x)read with Sec. 177, M.V. Act).
  • Vehicle emitting excess smoke (Rule 115 (I) C.M.V. Rule).
  • Failure to give proper signals (Sec. 121 read with Sec. 117, M.V.Act).
  • Rash driving (Sec. 184, M.V. Act).
  • Failure to stop vehicle when required by any Police Officer in Uniform (Sec. 132 read with Sec. 177, M.V. Act).
  • Non-compliance of directions given by any Police Officer in the regulation of traffic in public places (Sec. 119, M.V. Act read with 179, M.V. Act).
  • Failure to observe the rule of the road (Rule 37(i) read with Sec. 177 M.V. Act).
  • Violations of all restrictions, (Rule 411 read with Sec. 177 M.V. Act).
Unattended Vehicle
What, if you leave your vehicle at some public place. What will happen if your parked vehicle is causing hazard to the traffic. Know them all in this section.
  • If any vehicle is left unattended in a public place or abandon it, it is liable for removal by the police.
  • If any motor vehicle is left unattended in any public place for more than 10 hours, it can be towed away under the instruction of the police officer even if it is in a permitted parking place.
  • If the vehicle is left unattended or abandoned or partially dismantled and is creating a traffic hazard due to its location in the highway or causing impediment to the traffic, it can be immediately removed by towing under the instruction of the Police officer.
Note: In all such cases the owner of the vehicle is responsible for all the towing costs as well as any other penalty.

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