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Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is compulsory to drive motor vehicle. No owner of a vehicle can allow or permit the use of unregistered vehicle. No dealer of motor vehicle can deliver unregistered vehicle to the purchaser. Vehicle is registered with Regional Transport Officer (RTO).

There are three types of registration with RTO. They are as cited below:
  • Temporary Registration
  • Registration of New Vehicle
  • Registration of vehicle arrived from outstate or assignment of new registration mark (R.M.A)
Let us discuss the above three separately:

Temporary Registration
  • To take vehicle from the dealer's premises, it needs a temporary registration.
  • In case of non-transport vehicles, to take the vehicle to the place of registration from the dealer's premises it needs to be registered temporarily.
  • In case of transport vehicle one needs a time to construct the body of vehicle over the chassis hence it needs a temporary registration.
  • Temporary registration is valid for 7 days initially and can be extended up to 30 days incase of non transport vehicles. The validity can be extended for some more period with the permission of registering authority in case of transport vehicles.
  • An application for temporary registration shall be made.
Registration of New Vehicle
To apply for the permanent registration of new vehicle, it should be produced to the RTO for inspection. The vehicle is inspected by an inspector who confirms to the provision of Act & rule and then the vehicle tax is recovered. Along with this the following is to be submitted:
  • Form -20
  • Sale certificate in form 21 given by dealer.
  • Roadworthiness certificate in form 22 ,22-A from the manufacturer.
  • Roadworthiness certificate in form 22-A part II from the body builder for transport vehicles.
  • Transport commissioner's approval.
  • Purchase invoice (for vehicles attracting life time tax).
  • Temporary registration if any.
  • Valid insurance certificate.
  • Address proof.
  • Entry tax payment proof if any vehicle, body or tanker is purchased from outside the state.
  • Octroi receipt if registering in municipal limits.
  • PAN number or Form-60 in two copies (expect 2 wheelers ).
  • Manufacturers certificate for invalid carriage.
  • Customs clearance certificate in case of imported vehicles along with licence & bond if any.
  • Bill of entry for imported vehicles.
  • Design approval from transport commissioner in the case of a trailer.
  • 7/12 abstract or tahasildar certificate in the case of agricultural tractor & trailer.
  • Fees
Registration of vehicle arrived from outstate or assignment of new registration mark (R.M.A)
If the vehicle is registered in one state and is kept or used in other state for the period of more than a year then the vehicle needs to be registered in the later state for a new registration number to be assigned . For this the NOC from original registering authority & consent of financier is needed to be furnished.
  • Form - 20,26,27.
  • Form 29,30 - incase of transfer of ownership.
  • Form 33 - incase of change of address only.
  • NOC in form 28 with chassis print affixed on it from the original registering authority along with consent from financier.
  • Form FT, AT.
  • Form TCA, TCR - incase of transport vehicles only.
  • Proof of payment of entry tax in case vehicle has arrived within 30 months of date of it's first registration.
  • An affidavit from the owner of the vehicle stating that vehicle in concerned in not involved in any accident, theft or crime.
  • Fees
  • All valid documents of the vehicle.
Note:- With all above forms & certificates produce the vehicle for inspection at the R.T.O office.

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