Goud Caste

Other Surnames / Gotras : The Goud caste in Andhra has following names - Nadars, Idiga, Ediga, Eliga, Iliga, Halepaik, Billava, Devar, Malayali Billava, Deevar, Devaramakkalu, Namdhari, Kalal, Goundla, Goondla, Thiyan, Tiyan, Ezhava, Thiyya, Bandaru

Varna : Backward class

Language : Telegu

Regional Spread : Gouds are chiefly involved in toddy tapping, liquor sales, Ayurveda medicine and farming.

Traditional Occupation : Mainly Andhra Pradesh

Population : Approximately 15 per cent of the population of Andhra Pradesh

Food Habits : Mostly non-vegetarian

Marriage Preference : Prefer marriage alliances within their community. In present times, however, people are becoming open to inter-caste marriages.

Famous Personalities
  • Bathina Brothers - famous for their Fish Medicine for Asthma patients
  • Laxma Goud - internationally recognized artist from Nizampur, Andhra Pradesh
  • Shankar - famous Cartoonist
History and Origin
The Goud community claims that there were many kings who hailed from this caste such as the Cholas, Chalukya, Satavahanas kings. Goud community originally thrived near the Godavari River whose livelihood depended on Palm tree products (Toddy).

A legend popular in Goud community says that they originated from sage Koundinya who they believe originally invented toddy tapping. There was also a famous Brahmin king named Koundinya who is said to be the founder of the Goud Saraswat Brahmins. The Goud community has their original gotra as Koundinya. Goud community which took up toddy tapping as their trade got separated from Goud Saraswath Brahmins. Gouds, nowadays, use the name "Prasad" to represent their affinity in cultivating coconut and Banana fields.

About Gouds
The Goud population is endogamous and belong to the Dravidian linguistic family. They are the largest community in the state of Andhra Pradesh and predominate East Godavari, West Godavari, Nalgonda and Karimnagar, Medak, Krishna district and Warangal districts. The Goud are one of the larger backward castes in India and are primarily involved in toddy tapping, liquor sales, Ayurveda medicine and farming.

The Goud community is identified by different names in Andhra. They are better known as Edigas in Rayalaseema region and South Coastal Andhra. In East Godavari, West Godavari and Visakhapatnam Krishna they are known as Setty Balijas. While in Vishakapatanam, Vizayanagaram and Srikakulam the Gouds are called Sri Sayanas..

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