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Khordad Sal

Khordad Sal


Khordid Sal is the birth anniversary of Prohet Zoroaster. It falls on the sixth day of the Parsi month, Farvardin (sometime in August or September). On this day of Khordad Sal, the birthday of Prophet Spitaman Zarathusatra is celebrated symbolically by the Zoroastrians.

Origin of Khordid Sal

Exact year of Zarathushtra's birth is not known, but commonly acknowledged that he was born in the beginning of the first millennium BC. So the celebration is marked symbolically. In the past, the king and nobility, observed Khordad Sal as Navroz-I-Khas. On this day, many historic events of Iran are believed to have happened. Years later, it is observed as Zarathushtra's birthday.

Celebrating Khordid Sal

Parsis wear new clothes, the house is cleaned and decorated with rangolis, fragrant flowers are arranged and delicious meals are also prepared. The ritual of Jashan, or thanksgiving prayers are offered at the temples.. A grand feast is prepared to mark the Occasions..

In India, since the Parsi community is a well-knit religious society, Khordid Sal serves as an ocassion for kiths and kins to get together. Also, an opportunity for the Parsis to ponder about their lives and actions, and to make certain 'good' changes in the future.