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Religion : Christianity

About Catholic Christians : Catholic means universal or whole. With respect to the Christian Church, the early Christians used the term to refer to the whole-undivided church. It is in that sense that all Christians today claim ownership of the term, including Protestants, although they often do not capitalize the term. The word dates from the patristic fathers and to the historic creeds and was used to set apart the mainstream body of orthodox Christian believers, from those adhering to mere sects or to heretical factions.

Beliefs of Catholic Church : Catholic Churches share certain essential distinctive beliefs and practices. It may be noted that some Anglicans and Lutherans differ in regard to emphasis and particular pieties:
  • Papal Infallibility - Only the Roman Catholic Church
  • Direct and continuous organizational descent from the original church founded by Jesus. Possession of the "threefold ordained ministry" of Bishops, Priests and Deacons.
  • All ministers are ordained by, and subject to, Bishops, who pass down sacramental authority by the "laying-on of hands", having themselves been ordained in a direct line of succession from the Apostles.
  • Belief that the Church is the vessel and deposit of the fullness of the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles from which the Scriptures were formed.
  • A belief in the necessity of sacraments generally counted as seven.
  • The use of sacred images, candles, vestments and music, and incense and water, in worship.
  • Belief that the Eucharist is really, truly, and objectively the Body and Blood of Christ, through the Real Presence.
  • Veneration of Mary - the mother of Jesus, as the Blessed Virgin Mary or Theotokos and veneration of the saints.
  • A distinction between adoration (latria) for God, and veneration (dulia) for saints.
  • The use of prayer for the dead.
  • Requests to the departed saints for intercessory prayers.
  • Belief in Exorcisms
Marriage Preference : Prefer marriage within their community. In case, one of the two is a non-Catholic Christian, their marriage is licit only if the permission of the competent authority of the Catholic Church is obtained. In case, one of the two is not a Christian (i.e. has not been baptized) this permission is necessary for validity.

Related Communities : Catholic may refer to any of a number of other groups which do not recognize the supremacy of the Bishop of Rome but who regard themselves as Catholic rather than Calvinistic or Puritan. Typical among these are "High Church" Anglicans, i.e., "Anglo-Catholics"). Often, this will be printed as "Catholic" but sometimes as "catholic".

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