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Religion : Christianity

About Evangelical Christian :Evangelism is the preaching of the Christian Gospel or, by extension, any other form of preaching or proselytizing. It also lends its name any one of a number of Protestant Christian sects having roots in the late 19th century American Revivalist movements.

The word evangelist comes from the Koine Greek word ("eu-angelos"), meaning bringer of good news. The Koine expression for good news, ("eu-angelion") is used to refer to the four Gospels in the New Testament; and thus the Evangelists are also the authors of the four Gospels -- traditionally known as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The word 'evangelical' is often used as a synonym of 'Pentecostal'. However, this is often considered to be an incorrect use of the term, as evangelicals generally hold that the Bible is uniquely the supreme revelation of God, whereas Pentecostals generally believe that the Bible and current day prophecies are equally the revelation of God.

Marriage Preference : Prefer marriage with members of Christian community
Well-Known Evangelists : Some well known evangelists include (in roughly chronological order) include - The Twelve, The Apostle Paul, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, Billy Sunday, Billy Graham, Dr. Bill Bright, Pope John Paul II, Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones, Joyce Meyer

Some other Evangelists are : Brother Jed, Wes Morris, Luis Palau, John Sung, Stephen Tong, Arnold Murray, Daniel Mathews, Sandra Jean, Andrew Lang

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