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Religion : Christianity

About Protestant Christians :Protestantism is one of three primary branches of Christianity, the other two being Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. Protestantism began during the Renaissance as protest against the established (Roman Catholic) church. That protest, led by Martin Luther, was called the Reformation, because it sprang from a desire to reform the church and cleanse it of corruption, such as the selling of indulgences.

Protestants hold a great variety of beliefs, but they are united in rejecting the authority of the pope. Protestant groups include the Amish, the Anglican Communion, the Assemblies of God, the Baptists, Christian Science, the Congregationalists, the Lutheran Church, the Mennonites, the Methodists, the Presbyterian Church, and the Quakers.

Basic Theological Tenets : Four Latin slogans of the Reformation express some principal theological concerns of Protestantism, though all Protestants do not share them.

Solus Christus : Christ alone.
Only Christ is a mediator between God and man.

Sola scriptura : Scripture alone.
Against the Catholic orthodoxy that Tradition, the teachings of the College of Bishops united with the Pope, the Bishop of Rome, shares primacy with Scripture for the handing-on of doctrine, Protestants argue that the Bible is the only rule of faith. This doctrine is connected with the doctrine of private interpretation of the bible.

Sola fide : Faith alone.
Against the Roman Catholic concept of meritorious works, penance and indulgences, masses for the dead, the treasury of the merits of saints and martyrs, a ministering priesthood who hears confessions and purgatory, the Protestants argued that every believer is a priest and obtains reconciliation with God through faith in Jesus Christ, alone.
Sola gratia : Grace alone.
Against the Roman Catholic view that faith and works necessarily occur together and that works flow from faith, the Reformers posited that salvation is a gift from God dispensed through Jesus Christ, regardless of merit - for no one deserves salvation. The Roman Catholic Church, by contrast, posits that salvation is not dispensed through Jesus Christ, but was effected by Jesus Christ, on the Cross at Calvary.

Divisions: Protestants can be differentiated according to how they have been influenced by important movements since the magisterial Reformation and the Puritan Reformation in England. Some of these movements have a common lineage, sometimes directly spawning later movements in the same groups. These include:
  • Pietism 17th Century - Methodist movement 18th century
  • Evangelicalism 18th Century
  • Pentecostalism 20th Century
  • Modernism 20th Century
  • Fundamentalism 20th Century
  • Neo-orthodoxy 20th century
  • Neo-evangelicalism mid 20th Century
  • Ecumenism 20th Century
Population : Nearly 27% of all Christians today are Protestants. It is estimated that there are about 590 million Protestants worldwide. These include 170 million Protestants in North America, 160 million in Africa, 120 million in Europe, 70 million in Latin America, 60 million in Asia, and 10 million in Oceania.

Marriage Preference : Prefer marriage within their community

Well-known Protestant religious figures :
  • John Wesley - Founder of the Methodist movement
  • Desmond Tutu - Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, peace activist
  • Auguste Sabatier - Founder of the French fideo-symbolist tendency and of the Institut de
  • John B. Cobb - Theologian, involved in Process Theology
  • Martin Luther - Reformer, founder of Lutheranism
  • John Calvin - Reformer, founder of Calvinism
  • Philipp Melanchthon - Early Lutheran leader
  • John Knox - Scottish reformer
  • George Fox - Founder of the Society of Friends
  • George Whitefield - Great Awakening reformist preacher
  • Jonathan Edwards - Great Awakening reformist preacher
  • Menno Simons - Founder of Mennonitism
  • Jacob Amman - Founder of the Amish church
  • Pat Robertson - American fundamentalist leader
  • Ellen White - American prophetess, founder of Seventh-Day Adventism
  • Ian Paisley - Ulster Protestant leader

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