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Edigas Caste

Other Spellings / Synonyms : Idiga, Eliga / Iliga, Billava or Thiyya (in coastal areas of Karnataka), Deevaru / Deewaru

Subgroups : Mudde Idiga, Swaswe Idiga and Arya Idiga (based on their past occupations).

Chief Deity : Yellamma

Regional Spread : Edigas are found mainly in south central areas of Karnataka. They are concentrated in Bangalore, Chikmagalur, Chitradurga, Shimoga, Hassan and Tumkur districts. In Andhra Pradesh, the Idigas or Edigas live in the Rayalaseema area. Edigas are also present in parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Traditional Occupation : In early time their main occupation were toddy tapping, brewing arrack etc, but now not many people do their traditional job.

Population : 3,000,000 approx.

Food Habits : Mostly non-vegetarian

Marriage Preference : Prefer marriages within their own community.

Famous Personalities

  • - Dr Rajkumar (actor)
  • - S.Bangarappa (politician)
  • - S.Bangarappa (politician)
  • - Vittal Mallya (Founder of UB Group)
  • - Vijay Mallya (industrialist and MP)
  • - Janardhan Poojari (politician).

About Edigas :

The Edigas is one of the progressive communities of Karnataka. Traditionally Edigas are involved in toddy tapping, liquor sales, ayurveda doctors and farming. Due to their hard-work and sheer determination, Edigas are now regarded as a fast improving community which is spiritual, economically, culturally and politically quite strong.